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  1. That looks awesome! I want a Phantom 2 also, but I've got a V1 coming soon. You going to fly it at Lodi before you huck a cliff? Katie.
  2. Hey Pete! Did I already miss this? If so, how was it? If not, when is it. What kind of altitude did you get?
  3. Do you think that someone who is 5'7" 135lb (w/o rig) would have trouble staying down with the group in a Ghost? I am also looking for a new wingsuit that would work well for flocking, preferably with some good maneuverability, but still be able to punch it. Any suggestions? It seems like a combinatin of body type and skills should dictate which suit is right, I agree.
  4. Congratulations Ray and Kristy! I'm still waiting for someone else to be born on the 18th... C'mon other people, start makin some babies! Katie.
  5. Funny you should mention that. Hookit took some interesting measurements a few days ago...
  6. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Those bastards!!! Edit to add URL.
  7. Hey Tom! I've seen your throw and goes! Haha, I'm just kidding. If somebody actually makes fun of you for doing a more conservative jump then that person's opinion is not worth worrying about. I always enjoy jumping with you, Tom Katiemonster.
  8. KMonster

    Body Armor

    I jump the Dainese Wave jacket and I have been very happy with it. I know Jason was wearing Dainese too when he impacted at the Perrine. I have never had a problem or even thought about the shoulder cups (I have heard that some people find them restrictive). A regular long sleeved t-shirt fits fine over it. It's mesh so it's not bad in the summer, I just wear a tank top under it. It layers fine under/over whatever the weather calls for. It has saved me from stitches twice, but I think elbow pads would have done the same in both situations. I like it because it doesn't seem as bulky as some of the other brands out there, but it is definitely pricey if that's an issue for you. I have done a few short, steep hikes in it and I was warmer than if I hadn't been wearing it, but like I said it's mostly mesh so it wasn't really that bad.
  9. I would like one too, I saw you and dexter posting in the other thread. It would be easiest for us to order together. I think it's very thoughtful what you are doing. Katie.
  10. I wasn't there yet on Thursday but I thought there was a broken pelvis too. The was under the impression that the broken coccyx ended up actually being broken lumbar vertibrae from compression fractures. The broken arm or leg was both. I don't have any more details about that either though. Lets not forget about the other impact that ended up with a partially fused spine and collapsed lung -- I talked to Ody today who visited him in the hospital and he is making an awesome recovery! It was hard to get straight facts so if anyone can elaborate or correct any of that feel free.
  11. Feel better, Faber! If I didn't know any better, I'd say that you like dressing up as a chick.
  12. KMonster

    846 x 200

    That's awesome, congrats 846! Cool pic too! Katie.
  13. KMonster


    Where the fuck did that come from, Mike? You know for a fact that Chad is an excellent, heads up guy who has opened his own objects. As far as representing the "Seattle crew," no one jumps with you. You are the Mike crew and have been for the last year since you have flaked out of every single thing you have ever commited to with us. Stop being so angry, Mike. We're good people, remember when we were all friends and had some incrediblely fun times together? Well, we're not the ones who changed.