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  1. Dude ! I love that DZ .... its all good . if you need more specific info send me a PM , i would love to answer your questions ________________________________________
  2. I do ! I'll bring it with me..... ________________________________________
  3. Second to Bolas here ! the people there are friendly and a lot of fun..... just like CSS ________________________________________
  4. How are the vibes in that DZ ???? friendly? lots of ego's??? ________________________________________
  5. I miss you guys too !!!! Dave doesn't love me anymore that fucker doesn't even e-mail anymore, I hope things are ok ..... love you ________________________________________
  6. Dude I leave that DZ and all we get is a bunch of cry babies....... I sure Remember the old days , Cookouts every weekend , Dinner at Marion's trailer, Freefly fridays with just 5 of us and we never bitch or complaint about anything we were just so happy to be there and hang out with friends....... ahhhhhh the old days ________________________________________
  7. Dude you are so humble !!! heheheheh long time no see you my friend ________________________________________
  8. Thanks Brother ! the book is on its way !! ________________________________________
  9. Has anyone got a chance to read this book??? and if yes, was it worth the money??? thanks ________________________________________
  10. What's up brother !!!! how things going ???? send me a PM to let me know how things going ! I would like to know, Thanks for the post ________________________________________
  11. Thanks for the quick respond , I guess I looking up the most conservative way to fly this canopy and I have a 20" and a 21" risers to choose from , again thanks for the help! ________________________________________
  12. A question for you guys, 20" risers or 21" risers on a Katana and why , thanks guys ________________________________________
  13. hey fag ! I didn't konw you're still up in NC and Jumping?? call me ________________________________________
  14. Miss you and love you too !!!!!!!!! ________________________________________
  15. What's up friends ! I hope everybody is doing ok , I'm doing good so do not worry.... For the ones I care for you know who you are , I love you and for the ones i don't care for shit and die ________________________________________