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  1. What a pleasure it's been to read your posts and reviews here. All the best
  2. Being an old timer ... I started photographing before tongue switches were available, and can't say that I've grown that fond of them. I am wondering if there are wingsuiters out there using hand switches and if they've come across usability or safety issues or if you could comment on your experiences of one or the other. Personally I like the positive action of a hand switch. And perhaps it's just me, but I worry about damaging teeth with the tongue switch and just don't like having the thing in my mouth. Hasn't stopped me from using it though. The convenience of not routing the wire through the sleeve is a bonus. With my hand switch, I put a mini jack at the back of the helmet so that in case of ditching the helmet or just removing it, the connection will unplug without too much fuss. thanks
  3. I've had my Phantom 2 since I started wingsuit flying. Tried a few others along the way, and they are OK, but my only regret is that I didn't start on something else, and then have the joy of upgrading to a Phantom. I've jumped the S-Bird, T-Bird, Alien, Venom, and Vampire. Who knew.
  4. Just spent 20 minutes hunting for this fantastic resource, which is in the news section. The camera shootout: Sony, Go Pro, Contour, JVC Thank you, Spot!
  5. They've gone to a lot of trouble with their website... They're not claiming to go on human power, so I'm leaving a little hope that it's not a hoax. Just a little.
  6. I am totally impressed. You have put together a fantastic resource.
  7. Well that totally rocks! Glad to have been there, done that. Thanks for this, Jarno.
  8. I'm so looking forward to the extended version. I must have played this 5 times already. The opening shot is fantastic! Carry on, my wayward son ;-)
  9. Thanks for the response Jarno. Can you tell me.. It looks like the modification doesn't allow for complete cutaway of the wings. I'm assuming you can reach your toggles after cutting away..
  10. Is it possible to convert an older style Phantom 2 to a Phantom 2 Z? It would be great to get into and out of it faster... thanks, Paul Litherland
  11. Well, I had a blast and I can only hope that I will be even less of a geek next year. Here's some video of my time at Flock n Dock.. It's 111 MB and 12 minutes
  12. Great to meet you Ralph and thanks for the video, it's great. Now to the studio and get my own FnD video online... cheers, Paul
  13. I put a couple of photos up on my site.. I only took my still camera on a couple of jumps. cheers, Paul