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  1. My CX 100 just blew up..... It will be missed, so i'm in the same boat.... need a replacement as well.........
  2. Can someone please post a clicky to the page that has the scedule of events. Thanks Jim
  3. sweet jesus.... Don't get caught under those things
  4. Can you post the details of the boogie. Can't seem to find any info on their website. Blue Skies Jim
  5. Reserve repack $50... Jump tickets $320.... Skinny dippin in the pool New Years Eve (2 years in a row) PRICELESS!!! Hell yes i'm in
  6. I agree its a pilot problem. I attempting to become a better pilot thats why I posted. Getting some good feed back on whats happening on a downwind landing is helping. I'm wondering if my impression of lack of lift was really the canopy beginning to stall.But my flare was not high, but some of the comments made make me believe that I may not have completed it. Suffice I was in a unfamiliar position and would like to know how to react better to it so as to not repeat the mistake. Blues Jim
  7. I agree Thanks for the constructive comment Perhaps i need to practice the downwinders Ive only had one other and that was at eloy when the pattern was set downwind by the first jumper. That one I was prepared for and had no problem with landing it. I guess this caught me by suprise, usually my canopy has so much flare power this time there was little, It was not a pleasant feeling. Blues Jim
  8. As I said winds were variable. The first three jumpers landed in three different directions (chasing the wind sock) By the time i started my base leg the sock had gone flat. It stayed flat I'm told until I was almost on the ground (like 15'). Hind sight being 20 20 If I had realized that the wind had picked up directly behind me I would of reeled up the legs a bit and tryed to slide it in. (bruised ass instead of bruised calf). Blues Jim
  9. No canopy no matter how big can gurauntee that you wont get hurt. You catch a rotor at 20 feet above the ground under a lighty loaded canopy your still going down. Whether you get hurt or not depends on how you react to the situation. A good plf might save you and might not. We dont land on nice soft grass or even sand, its rock hard dirt. JMHO Blues Jim
  10. While comming in for landing on a variable wind day, the sock was straight down indicating no wind. know that the winds were squirly I decided on a straight in approach in the direction that the wind had been comming from previously that day. Much to my supprise at somwhere between 15 to 20 feet above the ground the wind began blowing 10 to 15 mph directly behind me. (I was unaware of this as the sock was now out of my vision). The first instant I knew something was amiss was when the ground was rushing by ant 25 mph +. What was disconcerting was as i flared and ran like hell, my canopy did not get the lift I was expecting (remember still didnt know that the wind was behind me). The end result was an ugly plf (ok a wipe out) that resulted in a nasty bruise on the outside of my right calf. The point being here, is be ready for anything, even on a straight in approach things can go bad real quick. Blues Jim
  11. I Demoed pilots, spectres, and triathlons, before falling in love my Sabre 2 170. The others had great selling points (espcially the pilot, it opens the nicest of all tested.) For me the sabre 2 had a superior flare over all the others, Especially in the top end. (there's my 2 cents) Blues Jim
  12. My 2 cents: Never really had a problem with off heading openings until i got the sabre 2 (which I love). That being said I found that for me if I really concentrate on having as near to perfect body position as possible that It opens consistently on heading. Blues Jim
  13. Wow what a great time First 18 way $15 First 16 way $15 First 14 way $15 First Hybrid $15 First Cross Country $15 First High Altitude $25 First Jump into the pool Naked for New Years Eve (priceless) 11 jumps in two short days Thanks to Tom, John and Neil for organizing the RW jumps, Had a Blast on all of them!!! Already looking forward to next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super Blues Jim
  14. Wife got me a tye dyed wings, sabre2, PD reserve, and a matching tony suit. Damn I love being kept Blues Jim