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  1. David Copeland passed away yesterday after a 5 year battle with brain cancer. He used to jump at Skydive Texas and Skydive Dallas before becoming ill. There will be a memorial service at Gateway Church in Southlake Texas fri March 7 at 2pm. Flowers etc. should be directed to Lucas Funeral Home in Hurst, TX. David was one of the nicest and most positive people I have ever met. Thru the 5 years of his therapy I never heard him utter a negative word and always talked about jumping again and riding our Harleys
  2. I've never uploaded any of my pics to the web before and thought I better join the current century so here goes. I was rather pleased with this shot as it was a trial with a new lens, flash and helment.
  3. Cool setup! I bet it is a pain to drag back and forth to the DZ! The videonics we had looks much like yours. As long as it was working it was great, but when started to fail it really caused problems. It was the only editing board on the drop zone for 4-5 camera guys. It would still work for pass thru from camera to VCR, but no effects could be done. I liked what it could do, but not the reliability. Bill
  4. We had a Videonics that crapped out in less than 1 season. Don't know which board, but it was about $1k.
  5. Yup! Had my Tony suit wing hang on the handle of a Porter. Blew around inside while I was rear floating or on climb out. Fortunately I have the wing attach to my pant leg instead of my rig like many others with the separate top - so the pants just tore. Scared the shit out of me 'cause hanging off the plane for that second or so I couldn't see what was hung or what gave way to let me loose. Very careful now on climb out! Bill
  6. I'm trying to relate this to my limited fixed wing knowledge. Doesn't toggle input relate to the change of the wing chord as in flap input thereby changing the critical speed and angle needed for a stall also? Brian, I have learned more about canopy flight and dynamic theory from your posts than anything else. Thanks for your time in educating us! Bill
  7. Just don't move the ring after you've set it, or you'll change your focus. gaffers tape, gaffers tape, gaffers tape!
  8. I've used mine a few times on very low light jumps and its still attached. It made for great tandem shots just passed sunset - still enough light to see, but the pics looked like night jumps. The only problem I've had is since the still is on top of my helment I bumped the flash closed a couple times on climeout. doc
  9. I've got 400+ tandem and AFF vids with the Kenko 0.5 with no problems. Doesn't fog as much as some of the even cheaper lenses. I don't have a problem with the length of the lense. It fits in my d-box just fine Doc
  10. Another cool thing about side mount is that it is easy to get a "thumps up", "high five" with the student or instructor, barber pole with the tandem and get a shot of the altimeter. All of these are not necessary but can add a little cool extra to a tandem video. It can be done with a top mount as well, but is much easier with a side mount. One drawback with my side mount is that when I stow my slider & turn my head sometimes the loose side material of the slider flaps over the lense. Doc
  11. Had 20 or so jumps with my JVC before I started loosing vids to camera problems. 400+ with my Sony and (knock wood) no problems other than breaking off my cameye II connector in the LANC port. Took the camera apart myself and miraculously it still works. Doc