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  1. I will. Was supposed to go today the 4th but I had to fly instead and now it's 4pm so it's a little late but maybe. J-S ----
  2. You got mail. I'm actually in Rucker too J-S ----
  3. Is that the human school of flight? If so it's about the same distance or a bit closer but not by much. J-S ----
  4. Hi guys I'm near Enterprise AL for a bit and I'm looking for a nice DZ. I saw Emerald Coast DZ on the net but it's like 2 hour drive so I was wondering of there is something nice closer. J-S ----
  5. I heard many stories about ex's. On an other note you could take her to a dropzone so she could talk to people there and to instructors it might help her change her mind. Mine wasn't really happy with me starting but now she is fine with it. Once her mom was all worried for me when I was going to jump and she told her, "mom skydiving isn't what's dangerous for him, mountain biking is where he will get injured" lol J-S ----
  6. Nope can't really get fired, but if I get injured yes I could get in a bit of trouble if they find out it was doing something I didn't get the permission for. As for insurance well I well covered so that part is fine. J-S ----
  7. Thx man. I will check out the closest dz from here and get there asap :) I'm not supposed to jump while here since my bosses are not approving since I could have to quit training if I get injured but what they don't doesn't hurt them lol. J-S ----
  8. Hi guys! I posted this in the French section but no answers yet so I figured I would ask to more peoples. I have my CSPA solo license and 30 jumps so far, but right now I'm in Fort Rucker AL and I wouldn't mind taking advantage of a early summer weather (compare to Quebec) and get some jumps around here. Is my solo recognized here in the States and will I be able to jumps while I here. THX J-S ----
  9. A licence and the most jumps I can do so il be able to aply for the SKYHAWKS (Canadian military demo team) J-S ----
  10. Went to a DZ to watch a friend of mine jump and I got hooked right away J-S ----
  11. I didnt learn it yet (too lazy) but I will this summer. J-S ----
  12. Welcome to the forum and to this wunderfull sport. J-S ----
  13. Welcome to the forum and to the sport. J-S ----