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  1. raff

    Almost Blacked Out

    I don't know where you jumped or with whom you jumped, but I can think of several JM-related reasons you might have had this experience. They have to do with harnessing and harness adjustment before the jump, and, more importantly, after opening. PM to follow.
  2. This IS the term for having the container "flipped through" the lines, either above or below the slider, causing the risers to be twisted. This term has been in use for the thirty years I've been jumping. (This problem may or may NOT evidence itself during a gear check.)
  3. raff

    Well... AFF here I come..

    Every day I hear a tandem say "I'm glad I did a tandem. I could never have gone alone." Naturally they would say this, given the very limited amount of training they get preparatory to their jump. You, on the other hand, will be given all the information necessary to so a safe AFF skydive, and you will love it. Relax.
  4. raff

    Inches From Death - Near Plane Collision

    Anyone suggesting that this was other than an intentional stunt, is smoking three "meals" per day. This is criminally negligent. Steve Rafferty
  5. raff

    RIP Brett D. Shadle

    Never good to lose one of America's finest, now matter how it happens. Thanks to him and his family for the many years of service. srr
  6. Very worked up 14 year old asks me, as I am gearing up her mom: "What are the chances my Mom will die?" "100%", I told her. I let the horror sink in, and then said, "It just won't be today."