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  1. oh, and I'm A-licensed and have about 50 jumps, if that matters, which I'm sure it could
  2. it will have been about a year+ since my last jump. What can I expect as far as starting over and redoing stuff?
  3. I'm A-licensed and haven't made many jumps with said license, none of which had anything important for my B-license, so I'm hoping it's not as horrible as I think it may be. Do I just buy a new one and start on the next jump, or is it necessary to try to reconstruct my old one with guesses and estimations? Oh, and pray that some kind soul at the DZ remembers what the lost and found is for. Now that I think about it, I think it should be ok, I remember where I put it, and I was gone for like 4 hours, and I was the only one coming back to get it at night, and no one was there, and my logbook was missing
  4. Actually it was a I've done plenty of jumps from our 182 though, and I would've RATHER done the hop n' pop from that strut then floating out the Caravan's door.
  5. Alright, I'm lying, I'm kinda jealous, I see all these hair raising white knuckled first hop n' pop stories, and mine can best be summed up with "stable floating exit, deployed within 5 seconds, good canopy, good landing" The people watching from the door were sorely dissapointed, and I'm pretty sure a few people lost money when I landed:)
  6. 1. If you haven't stood up a landing by your first off DZ landing, it WILL be a stand-up, and there WILL be no witnesses 2. No matter how tedius checking everything all the time seems, since it never seems to break, remember, it's not breaking BECAUSE you're checking it. Skip a gear check and you're screwed. Add more
  7. I know it's been mentioned, seconded, and supported, but TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT leg straps. My first few jumps my legs started falling asleep, but those were GREAT feeling openings, afterwards I loosened them and started getting smacked around, now I've found a good balance. If your legs do fall assleep, lift them up, and it takes the pressure off of wherever they were and it'll restore circulation
  8. HAHA at your name, and I think gold would be pretty, though I dunno if there's any technical reason to not get it(like you shouldn't get green unless you like looking for big green things in a bigger green field if you have a bad day and have a cutaway)
  9. I meant to hit preview post, not post, to see how it was coming so far, but I think I got my basic point across, eh?
  10. can get offended or even mad at their instructors for various advice, especially the type that holds them back from something they wanna do(downsize, high performance landings, what have you...)I was just reading a topic on another forum on this site where an instructor was complaining about studentS who wouldn't listen to his advice, make a low hook turn or something similar, and regret not paying more heed. Anyways, I read these topics and think, damn, my instructors must really love my attitude then! It frightens me that people can look at this as anything other than what it is, something that we as humans just really shouldn't by all rights be able to do! I can KINDA understand someone with thousands of jumps viewing it in a different light, but younger jumpers like myself, I mean, come on, you can't ever forget that you ARE JUMPING FROM AN AIRPLANE! You just CAN'T be good at it without raw experience, it's not something that can come naturally to us, because we can't do it naturally!
  11. haha, I misread this title as "tandem drogue landing" and was..nevermind
  12. haha, thanks for the resounding answers, but I really did get the point after the first post
  13. So DEFINATELY a no? From all the discussion I'm seeing on it, hell, even if they say yes I'D be like HELL NO. But I'm sincerely doubting I'll get a yes
  14. I'm only 18 so I can only read off the statistics I read elsewhere, which was the majority of jumpers are in their 30s and 40s, and most of them have military experience doing it. The rest are like you, methinks. No shame though, I'm only 18 but I've seen plenty of people twice my age take it up
  15. so PROBABLY a no, then? He wants to know if I can go with him too, and I'll just give him the most likely answer.