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  1. think that's Chronicle 3... (fun lovin criminals)...
  2. All of the tunes mentioned here so far I recognize, but the song in question is not really that type of song - it's more of a moody, atmospheric thing. It's not playing for that long during the video.
  3. I'm looking for the artist's name and song title from "Freefly Clowns Chronicle I". It's playing during a section where Olav is doing layouts. Lyrics contain "Everything is all right at this moment." Anyone know? Thanks.
  4. Cool, I'll try that. Thanks all for the help.
  5. http://www.flickr.com/photos/3ric07/82859431/ anyone? thanks in advance
  6. That's always struck me as funny...
  7. If you're flying head down or head up, you can see, and it doesn't hurt, but you'll probably be squinting a bit and won't necessarily be pleased about your decision to jump w/o them. Can't say I've tried backflying w/o goggles, though. Anyone? Landing w/o goggles can make your eyes water, and can therefore reduce your ability to land safely.
  8. Just a quick tip: if you end up on your back a lot, the natural tendancy is to try to "sit up". In other words, you try to pull your upper body towards your legs. This is actually opposite of what you want to do, since it creates a de-arch, and tends to keep you on your back (until you rock back and forth and eventually do sit up). Instead, arch your back a bit. Catch air on your upper body (on your back). This will push you upright.
  9. Even GW is rockin' the atmo (see attachment below). Don't have the heart to tell him he forgot his rig, though. From: http://www.planetdan.net/pics/misc/georgerag.swf
  10. I like to skydive :) Seriously though, at some point I realized something: I don't really care who invented what, coined what term, etc. What the atmonauti group did, for me, is raise my awareness to something that I hadn't spent a lot of time on. I'll venture to say that I consider atmonauti different-ish. Different "enough" to be different in my eyes. But that's not what I care about. It's the skill level that Marco and gang have shown that made me go "yeah, I want to do that that well!", so I thank them for that. Label it whatever you want, or not. I don't see anyone arguing the skill that Marco and his friends have shown - and that's what I find most impressive about "atmonauti".
  11. While we're on the topic of freefly suits, I'm wondering about anyone's experience with 2 piece freefly suits. Do thes suit pieces attach to each other in some way? If not, what keeps the the upper part from moving while in freefall?
  12. Thanks for the info. Glad to see you're maintaining a sense of humor. I tried to when I hurt myself as well. Named my walker "Luke".... as in..... Luke Mywalker