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  1. (no joke long ago...... hard to believe.... I still have video of Roger flying that last boogie in Gainesvile.) Mariann and i were never close.... but i've had the opporunity to make more than a handful of jumps with her. I've seen her bring the life to more than one party. Dancing the night away. There was never a question if she was in the room.... Vibrant .. full of energy.... and incredibly inspiring. Heads turned when she would strut across a pack room floor. A few things happened (to me) today when i turned on the news today. A. shock... followed by disbelief B. an incredible longing to be rejoined with my flying friends... I've unfortunatly not been LIVING my life to its fullest lately. And have denied myself what a dropzone and all the good people around them bring to this world C. Inspired.... the energy left in the wake of her passing will certainly fuel people and skydivers for many many years to come. -white mike Quote