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  1. sirenoremac

    Skydive near El Paso TX - A license

    Call the DZ at 575-589-4506. I haven't been there in a few years, but they certainly did tandems then and I believe they still do now. For progression, yes they only do static-line, though a license from a static-line progression and a license from AFF are exactly the same :)
  2. sirenoremac

    10hrs tunnel time

    This is so individual. 10 hours is a decent chunk of time. What you can learn depends on you and your coach. I would try hard to have one coach for most of the time, though mixing it up a bit could be useful as well, especially if you find yourself stuck with the feedback one coach is giving you. It's a very personal thing. Try to decide going into it where you want to be at the end, and discuss this with your coach so they can plan a good progression for you. I don't think it is unreasonable to aim for solid sit skills in ten hours. It's also probably doable to get to basic head down. You need to decide what you want, and put your time into that. Everybody learns different things at different paces, and there is definitely no set schedule like "sit flying takes two hours", "head down takes five". Also, and very non trivial, doing ten hours in eight weeks is a lot (especially for someone not used to tunnel flying). Don't underestimate how sore and fatigued the tunnel can make you. You'll certainly see diminishing returns once your muscles stop cooperating with you... It is a lot more physical then you might expect, especially learning new orientations like back or sit flying where you are using muscles that don't tend to get used that way in normal life (or most other physical activities). But I'll say it again. More than anything, get a good coach and talk through what you want to do. Have fun!
  3. sirenoremac

    Tunnel coming to Kansas City potentially

    Woohoo! 15 minutes from me :) This would be awesome...
  4. sirenoremac

    Best tunnel within easy reach of London, UK

    Airkix has tunnels in Milton-Keynes and Basingstoke. The Basingstoke is (I believe) one of the new skyventure designs while the Milton-Keynes one is an earlier generation of their recirculating design. Both should be good experiences, though I've not been to Basingstoke (It looks like a better tunnel than Milton-Keynes, which is already a totally decent tunnel). There is also the tunnel in Bedford. I can't speak to it as I've never been, but it is a big tunnel (16 ft!). It is a different design, I believe it was originally a military training tunnel though I'm not sure. I've heard good things from those who have been there too. Any of those should be very good experiences, and are all about equidistant from London, depending on exactly where you are starting from. From Kingston, Basingstoke is probably the closest.
  5. sirenoremac

    Summerfest 06

    Can't wait! I'll be there August 3rd doing my FFC so anyone who wants to come make fun of me or try to get me to buy them beer can come say hello!