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  1. If you bring a full-price paying tandem to Spaceland, you get a discount for your jumps that day. ($15 instead of $20). Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  2. murphyka

    Texas Women

    Amen, brotha!!! Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  3. You're so cruel!! Don't make me blackmail you with this weekend's footage!!! Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  4. I did my 100th this past weekend. I haven't gotten pied yet so I am not trusting a soul right now. I just know they are going to get me at the worst possible moment. I'll be flying under the radar for a while until I think that they have forgotten about it! Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  5. Two possibilities: 1: Got to go on a staff member's SCR (14-way) with mostly instructors and extremely experienced jumpers. It was my 84th jump. I docked 7th in the base round. It was such a great feeling to see the look on the recipient's face. 2: This weekend (99th jump) 3-pt 23-way with members of Deguello and instructors etc. I was 19th out of the plane. Being a late diver is so much fun!!!! Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  6. Omarrosa is just flat out useless trash! I can't stand her!!! I think the reason that Kwame didn't fire her is because he doesn't think that he can at this point. He is just supposed to do with what he has right now. I hope that the teams get to go in the board room with them so that Trump can give her a piece of his mind and embarrass her on National TV. There was talk on the radio this morning that there might have been a person on each team that is suppose to be sabatoging the team to see how the PM's manage the situations. That could very well be. Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  7. I'll be doing my 100th this weekend as well! Don't think I'll be going naked though....too cold up there!!! AND I wouldn't put my friends through that! Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  8. I just went to an Aggie friends' wedding (she married a Red Raider) and they played the war hymm. In fact, I haven't been to an Aggies wedding where they haven't played it. Even in very formal receptions. Always a fun time! As for the boots, wear what you are comfortable with. Just make sure that the pants are long enough and it doesn't look like you are waiting for a flood. The last wedding I saw where the guy wore boots and regular tuxedo pants, people were whispering about it and giggling. He was definitey waiting for the floodwaters. I felt so sorry for his wife, she was really embarrassed as she was walking down the isle. Congrats on your wedding! Gig'em! Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  9. I gave my 2 weeks yesterday!!! Although I don't get to go work at the DZ, I got a better job coming up as well. I'll have an entire week of vacation after tunnel camp to come and hang out with you guys at the DZ, so maybe I can try out some freeflying. Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  10. WHOOP! Way to go Dave! Gig'em Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  11. There's a great idea for my next tatoo, I've been searching for something skydiving related to put somewhere. Now, where to put it? Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  12. /6/3 1. We won't go there! 2. 6 Incredible Jumps with lots of incredible people 3. 1st off landing! 1st kiss pass! 1st time to be on someone elses SCR! (Congrats Opie!!) Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  13. That's WHOOP, you damn yankee!! (o)(o) press!!! Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  14. Poor Dan, I was wondering what you were so uptight about this weekend. I guess now I know that it was just the fact that you were trying to hide the pain of those nasty sores. No wonder your leg straps were so loose Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  15. We were counting the number of the regular girls that jump consistantly at Spaceland and could come up with at least 30. Many are not dz.commers that I know of, but I would think that the majority would probably be interested in doing something like that. Keep us updated! Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  16. Cool another Aggie to add to the fleet of jumpers here! See Conway, we are everywhere!!!!! Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  17. murphyka


    My favorite of all of Broadway!!!! I saw it in NY in 2000 and then twice since then. Would go again in a heartbeart! I could probably regurgitate that whole thing by heart.....but you wouldn't want to hear it. Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  18. WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! See ya this weekend!!!! Watch out for those unexpected tackles in the door of the plane!!!! Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  19. #8 looks alot like my suit. Mine is purple/black w/ aqua blue where you have gray. I love it, the purple if really pretty and looks sharp with the black. Just a little note on the different materials...purple spandex is much brighter than the purple nylon so if you don't mind a little difference in the color, go for it! I'm sure whatever you pick will look great! Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  20. My sister and brother-in-law came out when I was supposed to do my first solo. The weather turned bad and I didn't get to jump that day. They haven't been back to see me after 70 jumps under my belt. Everytime I have invited them back, they hesitate. No one in my family shows that much interest in seeing me jump in person so I bore them with my videos. It kind of sucks that my father shows no interest in coming to see me. When I was younger, I don't think that he ever missed any of my games in any of the sports I played, even if I was not in the game. Too bad for him, he's missing out on a great experience . Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  21. There is always The Social as a good starting place. Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  22. Sure, I'll spread the word. Blue Skies!!! Kimmy
  23. I don't want to suck....I'll be there.....wait, where?
  24. I agree as well. I think that this topic can be expanded to not only jumping when you are hesitant, but also hesitant to make certian types of jumps. Everyone has there own routine. Some people are not comfortable with trying new things on a whim. Right after I got my license there was a jumper trying to get me to do a Rodeo jump with him when I didn't feel like I could pull it off with the amount of experience that I had, plus I had never jumped with him before and had no idea of how "skilled" he was. Finally, I told him assertively that I just wasn't comfortable rodeoing him. Of course, he thought I was being a beeotch, but I could care less. I didn't put myself in a situation where I was not comfortable. Know when to say No and be ready to deal with the reactions of ignorant people. Blue Skies!!! Kimmy