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  1. So the comp is over in Taiwan... Pablo just told me that Jay Moledsky was just unbeatable, he is just from another world... Congrats Jay!!!!! 599.9 points out of 600 its just to much I guess... Anyway right now they are partying, having fun and packing back home. Everybody had a great time. Mat maybe next time we will have some Europeans kiking. Cheers Lucy in the Sky http:\\
  2. jajaja, usamos skype q es muy economico. pero no sabia la pagina web en donde cuelgan los resultados, y el menos. tampoco me sirve de mucho tener la pagina web, no estan saltando por un typhoon que esta pasando por la ciudad.asi que tendremos paciencia. saludos Aun asi si quieres hacer alguna donacion... Lucy in the Sky http:\\
  3. hi! Any info on our guys in Taiwan?? The 2009world games are being held in Taiwan and I would like to ask if anybody has any info on how they are doing...the web page doesnt have any results... cheers Lucy in the Sky http:\\
  4. Hi I just want to hear diferent opinions on a new canopy released by PD. Pulse. Can someone give me info and or opinion? I want to buy a new canopy and It looks from the description just what I need. Cheers Lucy in the Sky http:\\
  5. Again ZA!!!!! Great I really loved it last year so looks good to me... Can somebody tell me like in what area is it? is it close to the center of Jburg? So I guess I m going to get to taste that delicious biltong again... super Lucy in the Sky http:\\
  6. congrats to all of them...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im shure everybody learned a lot now can they give me my baby back... Lucy in the Sky http:\\
  7. any news on what are those guys doing at that misterious and secret tryouts? are we shure that those tryouts are for a canopy team thats what Pablo said but I have some doubts?:) I miss my baby and I dont really know much about him, anybody has some info?? Im so curious about what the hell they might be doing... Any way if someone knows anything please have in mind there are people at home biting their nails... Lucy in the Sky http:\\
  8. Im not a swooper, but I happen to share my life with one, a pretty competitive one. We have been toghether for more than 4 years now(but Ive known him for longer) and let me think... Ive never in my whole life have seen him with a cast, surgery etc. I rememeber once he sprung an ankle, that took him like 5 days bitching and moaning for attention. Apart from that he has never been hurt in any other way. From what I see swooping doesnt imply broken bones at all, eventhough there are, and I have seen them, but I dont think its the discipline that is too rough... As a matter of fact Im a skydiver aswell and Ive had more incidents than him (minor), and I just do straight in patterns... Lets see what others say abot their experiences.. Ill keep my fingers crossed so that I dont have to run to a hospital never... Lucy in the Sky http:\\
  9. And Pablo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just gave him a big big kiss. Congratulations to everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lucy in the Sky http:\\
  10. Pablo(Hernandez) and me are flying tomorrow.Can´t wait!!!!!!!!! By the way he is the only member of the Spanish Team, jajaja. One only chance! See you there! Lucy in the Sky http:\\
  11. or maybe pablo infront of wuzi... Big hugs wolf! And they dont talk funny its the rest who do... Thank you guys Lucy in the Sky http:\\
  12. Can someone that is around give me some info of my dear european swoopers that travelled all the way to colorado for the swoop week?? Results, comments, or other stories. Lucy in the Sky http:\\
  13. scores!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you once more to all of the competitors and organizers. You guys did great! Lucia Lucy in the Sky http:\\
  14. America is not the only one that does all those good things you know???????? Could Americans please stop watching theis own belly and realize there is a whole world out there! Lucy in the Sky http:\\
  15. I also have to mention that in this swoop meet the payment of the registration fee allows you to do all the jumps you can. The plane is from the spanish army and the competitors are going to have the opportunity to jumps all they can. Just try to hop in every load! This is an excellent way of training for the European Sason, losts of training jumps (all you can do), with excellent swoopers doing the same. Lucy in the Sky http:\\