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  1. Doing a reline in an older Lightning CRW canopy and noted all of the front cross-ports are closed off with a piece of fabric. They’re there from original and the work closing then is not shotty work. wondering if anyone has: 1. Ever done this and why? 2. Knows if PD would have done this? I don’t want to suggest them be removed without understanding.
  2. Do any other AADs have the ability to be used in the Expert, Student or Tandem mode within the same unit? NO Do any other AADs have a battery that tells you when it needs changing and can be done by any rigger? NO Do any other AADs have a shelf life longer than 12 years? NO I am only one person with a lot of experience with each. They all work as specified in the users manual and they all have had their issues through history. To claim that one is better than the other for basic function is for you to decide, but initial cost, required maintenance cost and longevity have easily moved me to the Vigil. I much prefer not sending my AAD back to the manufacturer every four years and it bugs me if I have to throw it away after 12 because it becomes useless.
  3. I use a regular hair dryer to dry both lens and filter.
  4. CX100s are good and small for video but the quality is lacking. I'm surprised you don't like the Gopro quality. I'm going to change my CX100 out for the Gopro2... but if you are only doing low quality edits, I guess I can see the desire for all the adjustments on the camera instead of high quality HD editing.
  5. I am having the same issue with Mary Smith right now... I am in the middle of a scam attempt > Username => mary_smith > > URL => > > Name => Mrs Mary Smith > > FromEmail => [email protected] > > City => London > > Country => United Kingdom > > Comments => I am Mrs Mary Smith from London and i am interested in your (Flat-top Pro Complete Camera System goes for $2995 ) i came across for sale in , i will like you to let me know the recent condition and the last prices. > > N.B. Please kindly let me know if there is any recent pic available. > > Regard's > Mary... >
  6. skydvr240