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  1. OK, I read just the first line & already I can see that the correct-or needs some correct-ing. Verbs HAVE to agree with their subjects. HAVE ... HAVE ... say it with me ... "HAVE". Thank-you. Yay! Now I'm not the only one who didn't read the whole thing before posting a correction. Read the whole thing, and then delete your post O'well, at least we're paying attention ... right?
  2. OK, I read just the first line & already I can see that the correct-or needs some correct-ing. Verbs HAVE to agree with their subjects. HAVE ... HAVE ... say it with me ... "HAVE". Thank-you.
  3. Thanks for the insight on this book. From the summary you included it looks like it may not be the best book for my situation ... I've done all these things: "direct communication, respect, appreciation, food, and good loving." Hmmmm, anyone know of any better relationship/psychology books out there?
  4. Wow, awesome advice ... from everyone including those who PM'd me.
  5. In a nutshell; been married 9 years, have 2 kids (ages 5 & 3). Begged & pleaded for my husband to initiate sex/intimate relationship so many times I can't see straight. I finally make up my mind that I deserve better so I decide to leave WY & go back home to FL & he finally decides to wake-up. In the past, he's said he'd work on this problem but things only changed for a few months then went right back to the way they were. I will have to admit, it does seem he's genuinely interested in making the change this time but I'm afraid of letting him have another chance ... I'm not sure if my heart has such a high wall up now that he'll never be able to make it right. So one part of me says go now while my stuff is all packed & I've got a job lined up ... & the other part of me says I can't leave this commitment if he's willing to try. What'cha think?
  6. Damn, I haven't been around the threads in months & I STILL have the knack for killin'em. Well, at least I haven't lost my touch!
  7. Dagny, I have total respect for you regarding your reply to Tuna planet. You went beyond focusing on the statements themselves & saw the walls Tuna planet was talking to us through ... you're understanding & compassion re-enforces the reason for you posting this thread to begin with. You obviously have a heart of gold.
  8. In Tuna's defense in respect to the above statements: I was reading an article in the local paper the other day, a "Dear Abby" type column if you will. The topic was that of cheating & why some do it. It was noted several times that victims of sexual abuse before the age of 12 find themselves cheating in fantastic relationships. Some even told about being raised in a family where a parent cheated & they now find themselves repeating the pattern. Justifiable or not, people have cheated on spectacular S/O due to very unhealthy experiences in their life & not against the person they're currently married to/dating. Getting to the defense part: Tuna, & men in general, may treat their woman the best they know how & still become a victim of infidelity. Think of it, if what was said is true, statistically most victims of sexual abuse at an early age are females. And of those little girls who have been molested the largest majority were done so by their step-fathers. Wrong or right they have pre-programmed unhealthy views of trust & sex. By Tuna's statement it's undeniable that a pattern's developing in his relationships. But it may have a lot more to do with the women he attracts/attracted to than how he's treating them.
  9. I second that ... ummmm, OK Yeah, not so funny.
  10. The policeman's name is Dick Cottam ... pronounced Caught'em!?!?! Dick? Cottam? Streakers? BWHAHAHAHA ... yeah ... ummmm ... ok. Well, it was funny in my mind.
  11. OK, does anyone find this particularly amuzing ... or am I the only one with a mind so warped I found this to be ironic & freaking hilarious: "... police spokesman Dick Cottam ...." RAFLMAO
  12. That is a freaking riot!! I love it!! I don't want to know your name ....