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  1. Everyone's a comedian!!!!! (lol) :D

    Under which forum are they posted?

    P.S. With ave 17 post listed per day i gather you do not work for a living. That would let me conclude that you have a rich daddy. :o

    So, you free sometime? ;)

  2. Does anyone know if there's a site dedicated to single skydivers? ;)

    I'm tired of going through all the nonsence of a couple of dates just to find out that the woman would never consider skydiving. :P

    I am passionate about skydiving and would someone to share my passion. B|

  3. You will also notice that the more you relax on your landings, the better they become and visa-versa.

    I only started relaxing after i attended one of Brian germain's canopy control courses. Since then i have loved avery landing and enjoy my landings as much as my freefall... sometimes more. :ph34r:

    Congrats, keep it up. ;)

  4. Lo there Chanti. First of all: urs was an awesome 100th. Well done.

    Second: Tha AFFC has some good points such as Brian's canopy course and friendly staff, etc.
    But as a private profit making event it was not much of a success. There was no comunacation between organisers and customers.

    It was their first Boogie, so i will go again and give them my support... but next time there are no excuses.