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  1. Exactly, if this were you or me there would be posts by now. This is a near freefall collision which could have had very bad results.
  2. I think Al Mcdonald from Flying High Manufacturing, in Alberta Canada made most of the rig's used in the Bond Movies. http://www.flyinghigh.net/Company.html
  3. They dont have to fake the history just get a users password that has alot of + feedback. Last year I got a e-mail that my auction was coming to a end. I thought to myself, I am not selling anything right now. Went to the auction and someone listed Gucci Handbags that were like worth 2000 for 800. Lucky I had caught it and e-bay security center helped to get the account back and change password. For 2 months I had people sending messages asking If I still had any handbags left.
  4. chutingstar.com Mike has always done me right!
  5. Im pretty sure Jim Wilson has one. He goes by beatnik on here and e-mail [email protected]
  6. whats a bit slow? 2,3,4,5 weeks? Just need to know because there are 2 more people on here that havent got anything for there money and no response from this seller. I went through the same thing last year 3 weeks no response then paypal got my money back for me.
  7. did you use paypal? PM me for my experiance with this seller.
  8. I am kinda the same. Just started doing tandems this year and also a IAD Jumpmaster. Mostly working jumps but when the winds are low at the end of the day we do 1 pass at 3000, everybody gets out for 10$can. Its a good time to work on the swoop;s!
  9. It is more like a normal pro pack opening. The only difference is you roll instead of s-fold. Psycho or s-fold or roll pack seem to open the same for me but I have a Crossfire which is a very nice opening canopy. If you are looking to tame a beast, I know people who use the psycho with great results!
  10. There is a couple of people doing this at my dz, including myself!
  11. 3 yrs ago at lost prarie, Packer John and Mcbain, yes the two that landed the Mr Bill at the WFFC, did two terminal Mr Bills!
  12. Buy gear from likestojump, the one that answered your question, He deals gear and can probably get you what you want. Then you would have no problems and from what I have heard is excellent customer service. I would have no problem buying gear from him and sending the money Paypal if I was in need of a rig or canopy. I have also purchased gear from gravitygirl another reputable dealer on here. Or from Mike at chutingstar.com...oh I gotta stop somewhere!
  13. I wouldnt send it back. This gear was not stolen, this is credit card fraud
  14. Dont let his short hair fool you, HE IS A HIPPIE!
  15. Cool! I didnt know that. I am a retired Peace Officer myself. Dont travel much though just North Dakota and Montana for the states and Saskachewan for Canada which no one as far as I know can even conceal a weapon. We used to have these Law Enforcement Info exchange meetings and when they were hosted across the bprder we would have to check our weapons at the border and when we hosted the meetings the RCMP could bring their weapons with them.
  16. The only ones that i thought were 50 state legal to carry concealed were Fed Agents? Otherwise did you get a concealed permit for each state? If you are a Fed agent then should be no problem getting on a plane with it, I have Border Patrol and Customs friend that fly packing all the time.
  17. Chris, something like that happened at Lost prairie 3 years ago I believe. Skyvan full of people to do a raft dive, 3 of us were at the back to do some freefly. Green light, we leave and when we landed the last person of us 3 said that when he was leaving that something happened in the Skyvan. Looked up and no other canopies, they landed the rest of the load and Helicopter took away one or two on a medivac. Later had heard that they were getting - G"s to help get the raft up and out the door and got too much and everyone slammed into the roof causing injuries to the ladys that were in the raft. Dont know how serious but the next day I seen one of them in a neckbrace.