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  1. Jacqueslevrai

    Skydive shop in New York city

    I hope you won't have any problem with it because of the warranty !!! @+ en l'air et bon saut
  2. Jacqueslevrai

    Zodiac - Parachute de France

    effectively there is no more web site available. And they didn't planned to have one in the next weeks (months ...) It's very hard to obtain parts from them, but they still exist @+ en l'air et bon saut
  3. Jacqueslevrai

    CYPRES vs. VIGIL I do not which one to choose ...

    The Fee is 125 euros ... @+ en l'air et bon saut
  4. Jacqueslevrai


    Here it is For any request, feel free to mail me at jacques@parachut.fr @+ en l'air et bon saut
  5. Jacqueslevrai


    Not yet, but I will find it for you pretty soon I should have it tomorrow morning, France time (GMT + 2) @+ en l'air et bon saut
  6. Jacqueslevrai


    Not yet, but I will find it for you pretty soon @+ en l'air et bon saut
  7. Jacqueslevrai

    Manufacturer Contacts On dropzone.com

    Hi, If you need any informations about Parachutes de France (Aerazur) products you can feel free to contact me jacques@parachut.fr, or you can find information on my website, in english at http://www.parachut.fr/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1_14&language=en Regards @+ en l'air et bon saut
  8. Jacqueslevrai


    Hi, Here is a PDF with all the informations. You can visit us at www.parachut.fr @+ en l'air et bon saut
  9. Jacqueslevrai

    Parachutes de France?

    Hi, I'm also a dealer for Parachutes de France, and I have some items in stock. contact me via my email adress, and let me know what you need. I'll do my best to serve you ASAP. jacques@parachut.fr www.parachut.fr The sky Can't Wait Fish, je pense à tes gants @+ en l'air et bon saut
  10. Jacqueslevrai

    Skydiving calendar NSFW

    As there is a lot of people looking, shooting, crying... expecting about french male and female skydivers I just wanted to update this thread for those (especially girls) who missed it. My name is Jacques and I did by myself the august picture. For sure it gave me a lot of fun. But after doing it I asked myself about how people will see, receive, anderstand it. I discovered all the comments tonight just after the female wuza calendar was online. I was surprised about the gay interpretation of it. Obviously, it wasn't the original purpose. I did it and would like to do it again, may be more seriously, may be not Jacques (j.hugron at free.fr) @+ en l'air et bon saut
  11. Jacqueslevrai

    Picture of your place of residence....

    An uncomplete view of my boat on Seine River near Paris (France) @+ en l'air et bon saut
  12. Jacqueslevrai

    Lille Bondues

    If there a place to be, to jump, in north of France, it's at Lille Bondues. it's the only place over the world where you could find the original 2m50 (2 meters fifty) you have to go to know
  13. Jacqueslevrai

    PD Reserves - 10 yrs old - does it need a check?

    Mine is 14 years old, with no deployment. It was stored for 10 years with no usage, and had been checked by à rigger. it still OK and i use it now @+ en l'air et bon saut
  14. Jacqueslevrai

    Is the use of AAD mandetory in you country?

    In France, it's mandatory @+ en l'air et bon saut
  15. Jacqueslevrai

    cypres missfire ?

    It was the first,and (for the moment) the only one. After this incident, the Vigil has been forbidden to use waiting new tests. The problem is fixed now, aud the vigil is authorized again. @+ en l'air et bon saut