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    After 30 years of jumping, I have experience with 23 canopies. I usually jump a 108 Xaos which I think is the best canopy ever made. The Mamba,is the only 9 cell that comes close to cross braced performance. It is a dream to fly and the glide ratio is the best of any 9 cell on the market. I had poor openings with a pro-pack, with twists and spins. After I psycho-packed it the problems were cured. This is one fantastic canopy!
  2. Kirils


    This canopy is radical,fast and controllable. At 2.2 loading the openings were fantastic. Riser pressure for performance is light and it responds quickly to hip input. Very, very responsive! This canopy is a real rocket!'s for experts. It is the new benchmark for 9 cell Ultra HP canopies. 2 years later now, I see Aerodyne pulling this canopy from the market. I spoke to Aerodyne about it and they assured me the decision was based on a marketing reasons. This was a great canopy with a short life. I hope the new canopies Aerodyne is coming out with are as solid as the A-Max.
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    Freefly Suit

    My wife and I own 3 freefly suits from Tad's. Top shelf all the way! The heavy cotton suit is indestructable, great for cold weather. The zippers and velcro cuffs are the best available. Tad's can also do custom work. I had sitfly wings added to our suits. The downside is shipping can be slow with hold-up in customs. BUT the price and quality is worth the chance of a delay. Tad's has the best bang for the buck out there! AND they back their products up.
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    I don't like this canopy. I'm not a CREW Dog but purchased the thing in hope to take up the sport. It's an antiquated design that is slow to respond to input. Absolutly the worst canopy I've ever landed, the flair is very weak. I would suggest anyone interested in this canopy try other ones before selecting an Interceptor. I can't imagine PA is selling very many of these.
  5. Kirils


    I always thought that the Diablo was just a Triathlon with the back corners knocked off and it couldn't be all it was bragged up to be. Well I demo'd one ...a 135 at a 1.4 loading. This canopy is incredible! It turns very fast. It is nimble yet stable. The flare is strong and controllable. I love my Heatwave, I like the Stiletto, I enjoyed jumping the Vengence BUT... This canopy blows them away in all around performance. I do wish it would surf better though.