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  1. Was there in 2009, bringing my wingsuit in 2010! 1. Purple Mike 2. Matt Hoover 3. Scott Bland 4. Justin Shorb 5. Andrea 6. Voodew 7. Professor 8. Mudbug 9. Jim Brewster
  2. WARNING: Not suitable for small children; contains nudity, sensuality, language, adult activities or other elements.
  3. Skwrl, Did all three of your cutaways happen on wingsuit jumps? What model wingsuit? I've had three Skyhook equipped cutaways as well, all on wingsuits. They were very similar to your video, lots of line twists, canopy spins up with you on your back looking up at the sky. Cutaway and nearly instant perfect reserve over your head. My rigger got to witness his reserve pack job opening on the last one. The spin was more intense than the first two, he said after I cut away, it spit me out sideways from the spin. The reserve deployed while I was still moving laterally and I then swung down under the reserve. Wish I had video, the peeps on the ground said is was very color co-ordinated with all the red,white and blue mains and the blue reserve flying around. He estimates I had an open reserve in 60 to 70 feet. All in all, the Skyhook is awesome and I highly recommend it. I won't jump with out one (just kidding - for all you device dependency nazi's
  4. A group of us retrieved a cut away main from a corn field at Couchfreaks last weekend. Must have had twelve people walking side by side four rows apart from one end to the other. Found the main on the ground and the free bag near the top of the corn.
  5. Go Johnny Go!
  6. brewman

    New GPS I've been jumping the DG-100 with good results. It's a datalogger so it has no screen, you dump your tracks via USB into your laptop and then chart them with Google Maps or Paralog. Features: - $90 US - Records position, velocity and altitude every second - Built around the SiRF Star III engine, it works inside the plane! I wear it in a small camera pouch on my belt under the wingsuit on my left side. It's configured to not record track points when velocity is less than 5mph, so I just leave it on all day at the DZ.
  7. "first thing I do in any linetwist situation is level my links." Can you explain??
  8. Looks like the mule ranch is immediately to the northeast of the airport buildings based on the plat map that Debra included on her site.,+Missouri+64701&t=h&ll=38.615546,-94.339192&spn=0.004175,0.00795&t=h I guess she thinks that parachuters are going to harm or scare the mules? Not! She includes a link to to a thread discussing barking dogs where a few posters joke about shooting the dog. Is she insinuating that para-shooters will be shooting the mules? NOT!! The city of Harrisonville website lists the population at 8,946 for the year 2000. I wonder how many of those 8,946 residents that Debra represents? Is it 10 maybe 20 very vocal hostile and threating folks or more? How many potential residents live close enough to the airport that parachuters may land-out on their property? Is it 100 or maybe 200? My hunch is the other 8700 or so residents will welcome the new dropzone with open arms base on the great positive economic impact to the area. I've followed these threads with great interest and am amazed at the fear tactics, veiled threats of legal consequences and mis-information in general that is being spewed out by a handful of folks. As for the other DZO's, I find your behavior to be extremely distasteful, you've done a great dis-service to the sport of skydiving with your selfish greed, ignorance and limited imaginations. May Karma repay your actions 1000 fold. Folks, be mindful of what you say in these threads, its being slanted and taken out of context in a propaganda campaign waged by Miss Debra. Lets all treat everyone and their property with respect and we will all get along just fine. SAVE THE MULES AND THE FENCES!!!!!
  9. shall, You'll love your new Sabre2, no worries!! I've put about 250 jumps on a new Sabre2-190 (1:1) and a new Sabre2-170 (1.2:1) in the last two years. Both canopies have been great. Most openings are very slow and soft. From the time I look at my altimeter and decide to deploy to the slider coming down, is about 1200 feet. A very few openings have been faster, more brisk, you definitely feel the deceleration in your leg straps, but never to the point of pain or yakking! Landings and flare power are excellent. My biggest issue (and most others would agree) with the Sabre2 is it's tendency to turn as it fully inflates. The people I've talked to at PD say this is due to uneven inflation that's compounded by the slow/soft overall deployment. This seems to happen most often in first 50 jumps where the canopy is very slippery and difficult to pack neatly. After I got my 190 broken in, the turning on opening happened with less frequency and severity. My 170 is still in the transition stage, getting better, but not as good as my 190 was when I switched canopies. Just to warn you, I've had a few deployments that end up with the front corners of the canopy folded under almost two cells in. PD says not to worry, just pump the risers or toggles to help the canopy fully inflate. Don't hesitate to fire off an email to PD with any questions, comments, issues or concerns you may have. They're very responsive and seem to care about you getting most enjoyment from your new toy!!
  10. Andy, I've got the mindwarp pimpdaddy and a pro-dytter, here's what I do, so far, it works well. Keep the pads oriented the way they came from the factory, with the slit to the outside. The back of the dytter (with the alarm opening in the case) faces in towards your ear, the front of the dytter faces away from you head. Using some sharp scissors, cut a small round hole in the pad to expose the dytter alarm opening. When gearing up, set/check your dytter, then pull the top of the pad loose and tuck the dytter in behind the pad, thru the slit, into the pad. In the plane, have your helmet on at take-off, verify you can here the 1000ft beeps. At the two minute call, visually verify the dytter hasn't shifted and you can see the alarm opening thru the hole in the pad. Have fun!
  11. Sky-High Gamers Go to Extremes,2101,67316,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_3 Anybody know these guys?
  12. What, are you writing a book? RTFM - Here's a link for a popular container system, it's got pictures and everything . Check out the manufacter's web sites listed here on It's a wealth of information at your fingertips
  13. Ron, I'll try that next time I see you at the DZ!
  14. I've got a pro-dytter in my helment and a Neptune that I wear on the back of my left hand. I've noticed the pro-dytter alarms about 400-500 feet higher based on the Neptune reading. Saturday, I was playing around with the location of my hands in a tracking dive. I noticed that when I placed my hands up against my belly, the Neptune was reading 800-900 feet lower than when my hands were out in front of me in a standard boxman position. Does anybody know in what position an altimeter will give the most accurate reading of actual altitude?
  15. Do they expire at some point? Can they be used at special events?