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  1. Would love to see some video of their National Routines, coverage at Nationals was NONE!! Pretty depressing for us stuck behind the keyboard wanting to watch through our Computer Window.. Please post, would love see!!
  2. I would say Mr. Bones is pretty proud of those medals won at Nationals!!
  3. flyzbar

    Great Flyers

    Yes Harry u sound like his bitch. VertFly, Up to the last post I did not think u were selling but after last post is kinda sounds pitchy to me.
  4. Simon, Some of us r just Broke, the economy is beating the hell out of us. To go compete, not just be there but really compete is well beyond the budget that most can afford. I know Carolina Kaboom was well into 5 digits before they got to Nationals, I do not know very few that foot that bill.. The way it is man..
  5. I REPEAT, this is not at anyway a comment on Skydive Spaceland handeling of the USPA Nationals. I can tell they have done a great job and skydiving community seems very pleased with the host. The issue is I have is RW gets the ROCK STAR Treatment while the other events r not given as much attention. I understand the techinical aspect of live webcast but weight in coverage was happening well before the change n crew.. Example, 3-way Freefly was completed their rounds but 16way RW scoring had to be completed before the rest of FreeFly scoring was completed. Some that care about Skydiving do not particular care for RW, so to see the other events not get the coverage that RW did is disappointing. As for it being Free, hey man that was not my decision, I recommend u not post unless u r prepared for the masses to come. That is the way of the Internet..
  6. This post is not a reflection on SpaceLand Skydiving but more of a slap towards USPA. I enjoy the sport skydiving as a whole but i would like to see whole Nationals event posted at the site. When RW events were going on u could get enough Live and Realtime Scores. After RW the realtime scores and Live feeds have slowed. They have yet to show Rounds 5-7 of the 3way FreeFly and 0 of the FreeStyle. There are people that would love to see the rest of these events, this definitely was not the case for RW. Again I think Spaceland has done a killer job with the event, but all the events have not been fairly displayed. Please tell me I am wrong..
  7. The main thing I get from this thread is Harry has to much money or too much time. Which one is it Harry. 14,000 would be a 1/3 of my yearly salary.. I must be in the wrong business..
  8. Looks like art in the motion, curious who r the flyers?? Like Clock Work!!
  9. I think this great for our sport getting so much attention and these kids have really taken to it like a fish in water. But it would of been nice if they would of done one of their routines to show the accuracy of flying with each other. As a spectator watching the clip it was kind of boring, did not show how well they fly as a team.. Great exposure for the sport, these kids can without a doubt fly!! Keep up the good work..
  10. flyzbar

    Jive Jam 2008

    Glad to see the event is taking place, I will be there, arriving probably sometime in the morning, ready to jump. Look forward to seeing all the old JJ crew. Blue Skies, Benji
  11. TunnelMom, Curious, How many hours the kids have?? Will they continue to the air when of age? Great Flying!! Wish my parents would of known..
  12. Harry, It is not the pot or the other bad habits people have, for me it is MONEY!! Let me know when the Jive is on, maybe I can break my bank and join some of the jumps. Look forward to the fun, Benji
  13. Harry, This Benji, Let me know when the Jive start again, Want to be included, Benji
  14. Yo, Put me on the list, Vivo and I will join u on the 1st @ 2:00/2:30. Talk to the mad man Russian tonight (hope u r feeling better) he is supposed to get us lined up. Can't wait, this tunnel thing is pretty fun.
  15. Partorg, My Russian FreeFly Mexican Brother, It was wonderful to see u and all the old "Jive Jam" crew. Our Tunnel Group rocked, was so cool to have cheering crowd while getting adjusted to the tunnel. I see many more hours to come for me and the mrs. Vivo loved and had such a good time we r coming back up in a couple of weeks. As far a tool to develop your skills, OMG, what a tool, but more than that What alot of FUN!! Joe and Rick r great coaches, I cannot believe I got off the grate in a sit 1st day, could not have done without these guys, I am coming back for some more education and again WHAT ALOT OF FUUUUNNN!! I will touch base when we decide to do more, will not be long, I can promise u that, Until, Tear it up and save some for ME.. Blue Skies or Tunnel Time Carumba Rodriguez