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  1. I have a sweet home for rent to visiters 1.5 miles from the DZ. write me if you have any questions!
  2. Still zero teams in the 2 way VFS Advanced, one team in 4 way FS advanced and VFS advanced for the 2010 Gauntlet Tunnel Comp!!!! Get in there peeps! The other events are shaping up nicely. Registration ends today. Comp will be Saturday only! Prizes and Awards are dope!
  3. There is tones of sponsorship for the Gauntlet! The awards are amazing! There is still time to register. There are no teams registered in 2 way belly FS novice and 2 way VFS intermediate. Get a team together, come have some fun, win a sweet medieval trophy and some great prizes. 4 way FS open and 2 way VFS open have some good competition---but the other disciplines need some bodies! Currently there is only one team in 4 way VFS and FS intermediate. Where have all the tunnel flyers gone????? The comp will start and finish on Saturday. We will party down with DJ moo on Sat night. Registration ends this Friday----get in there!
  4. Great questions! I think jumps will be around $19.50, but we want to keep an eye on fuel. They may go up or down a buck. Rego will most likely be $25 like last year. Maybe a few bucks more, just to make the parties that much more dope! But it will not be much-----cheap jumps-----cheap rego fee----that is how we roll.
  5. what sumo suits?????? I do not know what you are talking about?????
  6. Skydive AZ is seriously going huge for the Holidays!!! I mean we normally go huge, but the managers have given me the go to make it even bigger and better. Records, competitions, weird fun skydives, bands, DJs, (basically a party every night), oh, also-----we are planning a bigger, better, longer, larger new years party! Skyvans, Otters, DC3, Hot Air Balloon, Airspeed, Arsenal, AZTC, beer truck, the tunnel, the Bent Prop----yeah, it will probably suck. Check it out! December 24th – January 2nd December 24 (Friday): • Day one! Cheap jumps, load organizers and beer truck all begin and continue all boogie! • FREE appetizers at the Bent Prop from 6-9 PM. December 25 (Saturday): • Christmas day with your Arizona Family! • Yummy holiday dinner special at the Bent Prop. December 26 (Sunday): • 20 way sit round attempts with Airspeed and Arsenal • Random fun organizing with Arsenal, AZTC and Airspeed • Canopy safety seminar relating to canopy flight at Skydive Arizona during the boogie in the main hangar at 6:00pm • Reggae Band “Kush County” at the Bent Prop December 27 (Monday): • Women’s formation skydiving state record warm ups with Airspeed • Track day with Steve Curtis • Sit Fly day with Sara Curtis • Random fun organizing with AZTC and Airspeed • Comedian Hypnotist at the Bent Prop December 28 (Tuesday): • Women’s formation skydiving state record attempts with Eliana Rodriquez, Amy Chmelecki and Sara Curtis • Track day with Steve Curtis continues • Random fun organizing with AZTC and Airspeed • Giant Bonfire in the Desert: Hotdog roast included! December 29 (Wednesday): • Airspeed 8-16 ways • Arizona Arsenal 8-12 ways • Random fun organizing with AZTC • Talent show with MC DJ Moo! Got talent? Bring it!!! Very silly things will happen-----be afraid December 30 (Thursday): • Airspeed 8-16 ways day two • Arizona Arsenal 8-12 ways day two • Random fun organizing with AZTC • Boogie Footage Viewing at the Bent Prop with German Beer and Food Specials January 31 (Friday): • 8 way speed competition (belly and head down teams can play and compete against each other) • Random fun organizing with AZTC • New Year’s party in the Bent Prop: DJ MOO-----OH, IT’S ON! • New Year’s midnight jump and Champaign ride in the DC3 • Balloon drop at midnight in the Bent Prop under the circus tent • After Party Plans are in the Works January 1 (Saturday): • The awesomeness will kick off at 10:00am with load one (we can all have a sleep-in) • Random fun organizing with AZTC January 2 (Sunday): • 4 way meet (test event) where the belly flyers compete against the freeflyers • Random fun organizing with AZTC • The last day of cheap jumps, load organizing and beer truck -- Don’t cry, see ya next year WHO'S COMING?
  7. Plans are well underway for the 2010 Gauntlet at Skyventure Arizona. This year’s trophies are pretty amazing! They are actually really dangerous! The Gauntlet is all about turning points. The disciplines are 4 –way FS 2 – way FS 4 – way VFS 2 – way VFS Registration in open and available on the SkyVenture AZ website. All the info and rules are on the web site as well. Jason and Ray already think they are going to dominate the VFS disciplines-------but I think there is some new talent out there that can kick some old man Jason and Ray but! If you have any questions feel free to write me an email Oh, also, DJ Moo will be here to make the after party HUGE!
  8. Paul, I will miss our car pooling to work, our UFC debriefs, our jumps, all the amazing talks and all the fantastic times. You will forever be remembered as a beautiful, strong, kind, smart man, a dependable friend and a fantastic father. It feels like you left us too early, it feels so wrong to talk about you in the past tense, but such is life, it was your time as much as it sucks for the ones left behind. Love you Gorilla
  9. Turbine Madness Boogie / Skydive Arizona May 28-31, 2010 This boogie will include the Arizona Challenge (a formation skydiving big way invitational event organized by Arizona Airspeed), the fist ever Arizona Vertical Challenge (a vertical formation skydiving invitational organized by Arizona Arsenal), $18.50 lift tickets, party with a live band, mad turbines and much, much more. Event Highlights Include * $18.50 Lift Tickets * No Registration Fee * AZ Vertical Challenge with Arizona Arsenal * AZ Challenge with Arizona Airspeed * Boogie Beer * Live Band at the Bent Prop Saturday Night * AZTC Load Organizing
  10. 8-Way Speed Competition – need formation ideas! Belly and Head Down August 21, 2010 Skydive Arizona This comp is all about building a formation as fast as your team can without taking any grips out the door. Teams can either enter as a headdown or a belly team. Organizers Terry Gardner and Amy Chmelecki are looking for new formations for this year’s event. The formations have to be able to be built as a headdown formation and a belly formation. To get an idea of what we are talking about, check out the links below to last year’s formations. If you have any formation ideas please email them to Here are the rules! • This event will be 5 rounds • A team consists of 8 flyers and one camera flyer • A team can enter as a belly team or a head down team • There are 5 formations in the dive draw • Each team will exit from 13,000 feet • Maximum amount of working time is 35 seconds • No grips can be taken for exit • Competitors must exit from behind the door jam • Once any one team member (excluding the camera flyer) passes the door jamb the clock will start • From the time the team exits to the time the formation is built will be timed • The formation grips must be shown with control on the video for the clock to stop • A judge will judge and score the video • If a team does not complete the formation within the working time they will receive a 36 for that round • Each team’s times for all five rounds will be averaged • The team with the lowest average time wins • If there is a tie, the team with the lowest time in any one round wins Please stay posted as the new formations are developed!
  11. Easter Boogie April 1-4 “A Day on the Beach” Once again this year’s Easter Boogie will have “A Day on the Beach” theme. Lift tickets will be discounted, DJ Moo will be here, Performance Design will be here----so get your beach balls, suntan lotion and jumping shoes ready for the second annual “Day on the Beach Boogie”! Boogie Highlights Include $20.50 Lift Tickets No Registration Fee Performance Design in the House with Demos Women’s Vertical World Record Skills Camp with Amy Chmelecki and Sara Curtis Wingsuit Fun ways with Scott Campos and Stephane Zunino Boogie Beer Free Poolside BBQ Saturday Night with Day on the Beach Theme DJ moo Dance off Party will Move into the Bar after Sunset
  12. Hello Jarrett, Thanks for the shout out about the meet! Eloy loves you too! What did you come in last year? 4th? Amy
  13. Oh boy----bones in the house!! I am happy to hear that you are bringing your better half!
  14. Valentine’s Money Meet: “4-way Formation Skydiving” February 13-14 SKYDIVE ARIZONA This competition will use the current IPC Formation Skydiving rules. The competition aircraft will be Twin Otters. As usual, the Valentine's Day Meet will have USPA and/or FAI judges scoring the event using Omniskore. The meet standings and awards will be based on six rounds of competition. Hopefully we will complete those on Saturday, weather permitting, and present awards at sunset Saturday. Teams interested in jumping the full draw will be able to jump, and be scored, through ten rounds. For these teams I expect we will be able to complete seven rounds Saturday (with good weather) and finish the final rounds before noon on Sunday. For more information on the 4-way meet check out this link:
  15. The Eighth Annual Free Fly Money Meet At Skydive Arizona February 19-21, 2010 In each of five rounds you will be randomly matched with a different partner of similar flying ability. Your partner in each round will be competing against you on other teams during the other rounds. A sequence of compulsory moves will be drawn from the dive pool below. Each round will have a different draw. You and your partner for that round gain one point each time you correctly perform a move in the order of the draw. A video pool camera flyer will record the dives. Your score for each round will be added up. The person with the highest score wins. Check out the attached rules! Any Questions? Please email me at
  16. JAN 16TH, 2010 AT 7 PM Lets see who can make the best chili on the DZ! WHERE: Under the tent at the Bent Prop WHAT: A competition to see who can make the best Chili WHY: To annoy the pilots on Sunday WHO: Anyone can enter and everyone will judge HOW: Bring your chili to the Bent prop by 7:00 pm on January 16th. There is no registration fee. Just bring enough chili for everyone to taste test. THE RULES: Well, there are no rules, be as creative as you would like. OK THERE IS ONE RULE --- NO NASTY MEAT like road kill. The tasters will decide which chili is the best. Anyone who wants to be a taster can. It is recommended that the tasters donate $5 to the prize pool.
  17. SirVato-----Thanks for dancing for all or us! That was sweet. Also thanks for scoring my a 9 on my landings. Amy
  18. It is on!!!!! The 2010 Gauntlet dates are set for October 16 & 17 at SkyVenture Arizona in Eloy. We are still working out details of the event. There will be 4-way FS, 2 way VFS and 4-way VFS like in years past. As details evolve I will keep everyone posted----for not, mark the dates on your calendar! Amy
  19. The lift price is $19.50. There is a discount when paying cash, it is $19.00 Wow---the boogie is 4 days out! I am excited! See everyone soon!
  20. AgentLead Harmless IMGR2 LuckyMcSwervy LyraM45 The111 Merino007 AmyChmelecki I am so excited to jump all day, land on the beach, then drink some yummy rum, then eat some fresh fish!
  21. Yes, that is the lift price! Let me know if you have any other qestions. Amy
  22. Emma Beyer is a real-estate agent. She is also a Skydiver and a total sweetheart. She would be a great person to talk to. She had a baby about two weeks ago. If you have trouble getting a hold of her let me know and I will try. Her email is Regarding a good time to come back to Eloy, let me know what you are looking for and I can point you in the right direction. The freefly $ meet is a great time to come back to Eloy. There are also several fun boogies. Check out the calendar of events on our website. This will help you figure things out. Also feel free to write me with questions anytime! Amy