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    going to eloy

    Hello, I love ELOY. It has been my home for 12 years and I stay here becasue it rocks! There is always LOing. We do not have many wingsuit flyers out here---we need more! sO some on out. Have fun, get in the tunnel, enjoy the desert, the people, the planes and all the fun. See ya next week.
  2. amychmelecki

    Halloween Carnivale at Skydive Arizona

    This event is growing by the minutes!!!! Mirage will be here and they are donating a FREE RIG to the best costume at the Saturday night party. Also, PD will be here with Demos and free give always for the party. Other sponsors include High But Dry Balloons, Toltec Wellness Center (free massage!), Tony Suits, L and B, Get Hypoxic, Cookie Composites, SkyVenture Arizona and the Bent Prop. Organizers will include Arizona Airspeed, Annie from Spaceland Blue, Arizona Arsenal and AZTC. Aircraft will include Supper Otters, SkyVans, DC3 and the Beach 18. People from all over have told me that they are coming! Hope to see you there. Let me know if you have any questions.
  3. amychmelecki

    100-way VFS World Record Tryout Skydive Chicago 6/13/09

    Wow! how ever wrote this is really smart!
  4. Okay, never mind about the registration deadline being on the 23rd. Just register with me the night before each event! My Bad-------Sorry!
  5. amychmelecki

    $21,000 cash prize pool at THE GAUNTLET

    Registration Information Registration for the 2008 Gauntlet competition is now available. It would be super, super sweet for the event organizers if people would pre-register. So sweet that we are offering a pre-registration discount! The more we can pre-plan the better it will be for everyone. Registration Deadlines The pre-registration deadline is September 27th at 5pm. This is two weeks before the competition. Registration deadline is October 10th at 5pm. This is the day before the competition. Registration Includes Registration fees include: 5 minutes of tunnel time for practice, 10 minutes of tunnel time for competition, the big fat party at the end of the event, judge’s and associated fees. Registration Cost Pro Class • The pre-registration cost for the Pro Class is $400 per team. • The registration cost for the Pro Class is $475 per team. Intermediate Class • The pre-registration cost for the intermediate class is $250 per team. • The registration cost for the intermediate class is $325 per team. How to Register Fill out the registration form with payment information and fax, email or bring it to SkyVenture Arizona. Fax 520-466-4388 / email If you have any questions please feel free to contact Amy at
  6. amychmelecki

    15-way sit round attempt at Skydive Arizona ---COME AND PLAY!!!

    So Far here is a list of people that are joining us for the attempts Jonny Trunk Omar Sara C (German Sara) Me Please add your name if you will be joining us. I will add names as people register.
  7. I left out one sponsor from the above list; HyPeye has given two Hypeyes to raffle off to the camera pool.
  8. amychmelecki

    Who is going to the womens vs camp?

    Hello Ladies, So far there is one lady registered, but during every other camp everyone registered at the last minute. During the January camp there where 14 women there. I hope to see some new faces as well as some old friends! Amy