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  1. https://www.pia.com/wp-content/uploads/PSB-RW2Rings10092020-1.pdf
  2. Time Left: 24 days and 14 hours

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    Crossfire 2 129 ft² with less than 300 jumps, DOM 2005, NO patches NO holes. American Flag Colors !!! :) Price: US$ 1.650 dollars (OBO) Costumer pay shipping. Contact: [email protected] Thanks.


    , Valparaiso - CL

  3. Hi !! Wich sizes? do you have any pictures?
  4. Hi !! can you post the link ? I has the same situation now. Thanks in advance. be safe and intrepid... HISPA # 20
  5. any new pictures/videos/thoughts? Here you are a Video link and Picture... http://vimeo.com/album/3120887/video/113572520 My personal opinion its not a safe helmet, its just a cover your face into the air...more usable in a winter season. For me was unconfortable cos hitting a student head with the chin part of the helmet when the parachute was open, and not collaborate with the communication with him under canopy...I will try to use and test others full face helmets...but the more important things its a no safe devices... Anybody has a technical specifications or safe data of this helmet ? Continuous.... Buba be safe and intrepid... HISPA # 20
  6. Hi everybody ! Here is the web page http://www.m2aad.com/ Best regards and safe jumping. be safe and intrepid... HISPA # 20
  7. Thanks 4 all my friends... Im taken contact with the manufacturer. Blues Skies !!! B. be safe and intrepid... HISPA # 20
  8. Hi everybody !! Im NCO from the Argentinian Army, and Im going to do one class about the Automatic openers, Im tried to find information about the FF2 automatic opener for the main tactical parachutes, and cant find information about it. Anybody can help me ? and say me what is the manufacturer or something ? Thanks a lot. Buba be safe and intrepid... HISPA # 20