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    jumping all year long out of 2 caravans, FF and RW coaches and Load organizers, many young and expirianced jumpers, great atmosphere, great view (white sand, blue water) very welcoming DZ.
  2. body fly university is a very nice DZ in Reggio Emilia, Italy (140 km from milano). they speak English, they have good airplanes and they work all week long. bunk house is free of charge. the weather is great. no wind problems like in other places. you can call them and ask for Catia or Marco for more info www.bfu.it have fun and jump safe
  3. Ravenna is full time during the summmer and weekend only in September, but now their CASA is grounded for different reasons.. so they have 1 pilatus maybe..
  4. the first answer you got is great. body fly university in Reggio Emilia. about 2 hours from Venice. 2 pilatus, 1 twin otter, great people. great weather and if you cut away you dont have to worry qabout the water below,, http://www.bfu.it
  5. I like this DZ a LOT!! you can feel like at home in a minut! great people, load orgenizing for RW and free fly. the italian home of Olav Zipsar and Stephania. swimming pool and good Bar-Restourant with great italian food. jumping all day till sun set. huge grass landing area.