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  1. This is way too sad, all the above describes Sara perfectly, such a loss... Sara was so unique, it's hard for me to find the right words to express my sorrow and sadness, I'll miss her so much I met Sara in summer 2003 when I spent few months jumping at X-keys, had fun with Sara and Yonatan at the DZ and outside, was lots of fun to see Sara here in Israel and see her enjoying her time here and of course smiling all the time... my condolences to Sara and Ron's families and to the X-keys family, I wish I could be with you all now. Dan.
  2. Yonatan This is too sad. be strong. Sara was a good friend of mine, I'll miss her a lot.
  3. Thanks.. what is the difference? 1.8 makes the image sharper?!
  4. Hey all, I know there were some posts here about it (which I read) but I have to ask again simply because I can't get the bottom line. I'm about to start filming tandems and I need a wide angle lens for my Canon, I understand there are two main choices: 24mm and 28mm. then there is the aperture issue f/2.8 or f/1.8 ofcourse there are many more but I narrowed down my options to avoid complications... so, what shall it be for a beginner? Thanks. Dan
  5. Hi all I know Hornets are not manufactured anymore and I'm looking into buying a Hornet 150 with 300 jumps on it, DOM is likely to be around year 2000, can anyone estimate a price for it? considering the fact that it is not manufactured and market is or will be weak for this canopy I'd say $350 thanks Dan
  6. Hey all, thank you for the information, first of all their web site is up, www.vortexii.com or http://www.parachutesystemsusa.com. I just ordered a vortex 2 directly from the owners and manufactures Chris and Mari, I don't know what about you guys but I care less if it takes 5,6,7,8,9 weeks for the toy to arrive, I care more about the quality and the product I get. its true that bad customer service in the sport we are doing is not a good sign but I'm sure that when sun path was a smaller company they didn't deliver all orders to all customers right on time. I was very pleased with the way Mari and Chris handled my order and I'm sure I'll be pleased with the results. I think you all need to remember that the important thing here is what you get and not how long does it take to arrive or how fast you get a replacement part. Blue skies, Dan.
  7. Where can I find details about the Vortex II container? any web site?
  8. Hi, I have a Fujitsu-siemens, Amd 1800 with 256mb RDRAM with bulit-in motherboard firewire port, the laptop is NEW (got it yesterday...) anyway, I tried everything! I put it on VCR mode, I restarted the computer (running XP home btw) and nothing happens, the OS refuses to detect the DV camera, on "device manager" at the hardware properties I can see that the OS recognizes the firewrire card (it says: "via OHCI 1394 ..." bla bla bla") and it seems to be well installed, I even disabled it, deleted it from the device manger, rebooted, the OS found the card but not the camera. it seems that the OS cannot connect with the camera. I tried two video edting software (Premiere and Pinnacle studio) and they'r both solutionless. Is there any source for updated drivers? the copmuter is brand new, I don't see any reason why it souldn't work. I didn't try any other DV devices or any other 1394 devices (coz I don't have any...) please help..... thanks, Dan.
  9. I have a laptop with a small (4pin) firewire port, when I connect my pc-115 to it, nothing happens as if nothing is connected and the coputer doesn't detect the DV device. I was told that there is a problem connecting the DV device (which has the small firewrire port) to a firewire port that is also small. anyone had this problem too ? anyone has a solution ? 10x, Dan.
  10. Hey, I want to buy a PC-115 and to attach it to a bonehead Optik helmet, did anyone encounter problems related to this specific model ? (size, video in/out etc..)