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  1. The operators of SkydveLillo DZ in Spain are proud to anounce that we are opening a new DZ in Portugal, in Proença a Nova, old home of Jan's Go Verticals. With our experience, new infrastructures and big-new green field landing area, we are sure we will make this one of the biggest around Europe. We are opening 9th February and making big opening boogie on 16,17 February with 3 planes (2 pilatus porter and 1 cesna caravan 208) climbing to 17000ft http://www.paraquedismoportugal.com under construction until next week will be our site. you are more than welcome to visit us in this new experience while ever you are travellling around Europe. blue skies
  2. Madrid, Spain 1 hour to SkydiveLillo 2 pilatus porter open 365 days a year
  3. willyramos

    Beni Mellal

    After my first visit in 2007, you can read that review below, I founded this place 3 years after like MY HOME. From the very first contact we have the best relation you can ever have with DZs. Arriving to the airport with two mini-buses for 18 people, nice and warm welcome by local people, local DZ Manager in the hotel for welcome, nice hotel, cheap and very very good conditions over there, nice swiming pool, buffet for breakfast... amazing In the DZ everything as smooth and very good orginized, we made 7-8 jumps per day, great extra altitude in each jump and 5000 meters in sunsets, very pro pilots and managers over there Very very very nice place to go, I'm sure we will be back next year Thanks everyone!!! life is good, always ;-) willy and spaniards team 2007 Review ____________________________________ We went there for a weekend of jumping from Spain, the organization of picking up people from any airport, accommodation, services, installations, planes, views from altitude, everything amazing... But, organization in manifest was completely a mess, because we are not French we can only make 3-4 jumps each day in a day with 28 loads...even premanifesting, even manifested, they changed us many times, give priority in every load for French people, so it is not the best place to go and jump a lot... We gave our papers to manifest always with free slots in loads after and the answer was always the same "I hace to see it", what you have to see if you have free slots in the next plane and in the planes after the next??, sorry but I do not understand how you work over there. If you want to enjoy Morocco people and have fun around and then make 3-4 jumps in a day then go ahead, if you plan to spend two full days jumping, this is not your place, unlees you are french. Where I use to jump, in a day with 28 loads any of us can make more than 10 paking fast.. not 3-4 because you have to see it... Thanks a lot to Razid, best man over there!!
  4. yep, we spent 6 months with the bar and toilets closed up but now everythig is opne again and full time working with the pilatus... some jumpers around lillo went to the christmas in Sevilla and they said it was amazing also
  5. thanks for the info, I really apreciate it as I'm thinking on getting one soon, let us know how it goes in the sky...
  6. Hey there, I work in Lillo as instrcutor, tandem, aff, birdman, freefly, and also managing the shop. we have Marcus Laser from the world team for Fs coaching, avalore freefly team for freefly coaching, a world champion for swooping canopy piloting courses, 2 planes, and 365 days open. The weather in march is supose to be fine, as it is now, sunny with 15ºC in mid day. in a week you can easily come to Lilo and also if you want to try Ocaña you can check with them, but they will have activity during the week also in March I think. you can contact our nice oficce girls in [email protected] if you need more info about acomodation, flights, transportation, etc etc... hope to see you in March blue blue skies willy
  7. Pinnacle Studio my friend... easy and best!!