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  1. Rather than be a test jumper for that ski helmet, I would spend $50 on a Protec, which does have crash padding, certification if you get the right version and years of proven skydiving compatibility. "Featuring a HDPE or ABS shell lined with EPS Foam and Compression Moulded Padding, stainless steel hardware and soft tubular webbing. Certification: CE EN 1078 / CPSC 1203" Full faces are nice in colder weather and a good idea if you are doing competition FS but otherwise largely a fashion statement. Get the full cut version and it's relatively easy to cut a hole for an audible which is likely to be another upcoming purchase
  2. IMO, if there is only one aircraft flying then you should be able account for all the canopies and create enough vertical separation whatever order you get out. The issue with Eloy is that it's pretty usual for multiple aircraft to be flying. Even with flat flyers out first, people out of the following aircraft are likely to catch and overtake the stragglers from the previous load. Your solution will exacerbate that problem by decreasing the time separation between loads.
  3. Assuming your profile is correct, if I was you I would go for the Optimum because I wouldn't want to load my reserve at 1.7+ It looks like you live in Florida, so why don't you get up to Deland and you can demo them (hooked up as a main) for $40 each? ... or you can get them shipped for $95 each. I have demoed both the PDR 126 and the Optimum 126 and I have one of each. I'm ok with either as a reserve, they land ok but IMO they are not like a decent ZP main.
  4. See here regarding BPA insurance Specifically "3.BPA insurance cover for non-UK residents and/or citizens performing activities outside the UK applies only at a BPA Affiliated Parachute Training Organisation or as part of a BPA-Registered Display Team." I read that as non-uk residents are covered but only at UK (or BPA) dropzones. One further point is if you are the EU (and not UK resident) I believe the BPA have to recognize equivalent insurance, so if you already have local cover it may apply.
  5. Well technically the UK is in Europe
  6. It has a pretty distinctive tag on it (3rd picture on ebay). If anyone knows where that was issued, might be worth contacting the DZ.
  7. I happen to have an original manual from my Hornet DOM 25-01-2002. See attachment. Can't really help on the slider size as I don't have the canopy at the moment.
  8. Well the analysts don't always get it right
  9. PD consider it a malfunction as per the article here. From the article "A misrouted steering line, entangled steering line, or any other type of problem involving the control system may severely limit your ability to control the canopy and should be considered a serious, life-threatening malfunction." Too many people have died by not dealing with this type of malfunction, hence the article from PD. IMO there was nothing wrong with chopping this. For me it would depend on how much brake was applied, the right toggle is definitely not up against the ring. Personally, I would fly my canopy on rears but not with one brake partly applied. Glad you raised this though, it’s a good reminder to everyone not to be complacent on opening.
  10. Here are the BPA requirements. At 40 you need a doctor's signoff but it can be for up to 10 years. From 50 a doctor can sign you off for up to 3 years.
  11. BPA Web link
  12. Hi Kemal, See attached pics, Mainly black rig with purple is a DNKY (mine) All purple rig is a RSK1 Blue/grey rig (the other Jav) I think is a TJNK Bear in I'm slightly taller than the blue rig owner and the purple rig owner is a slim girl with a short body and long legs. The MLW on my rig is 3in longer than the all purple rig. You can see how my rig is narrower than the TJNK but not shorter. The RSK1 is same width as mine but shorter.
  13. Mark4


    Yes point on the cat, so on the close of the 13, OC does a 90 turn and the G is right there. The exit was standard G then that was thrown away with the alternate G for the rest of the dive.
  14. Mark4


    We were going to take an alternate G, i.e the one that's right there with Tail and Point switched, then the long move back to a standard 8. Its seemed ok on the creepers as long as you choose the heading for the 8 carefully. Unfortunately due to the great British weather we didn't actually get to round 6, the comp was called on 4 rounds.
  15. You can not use these categories in that way as they vary with the canopy. IMO this makes the "buckets" as advertised by PD and Aerodyne about as useful as a chocolate teapot! Let's assume I'm an Advanced kinda guy, that would mean I could jump A Sabre 2 loaded at 1.0 A Pilot loaded at 1.3 A Katana loaded at 1.35 A Mamba loaded at 1.8 Hmmm, anyone spot a problem here?