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  1. This has been the most disturbing uncertain year of my life. It tops 1968 which was a bitch. There is only place to find the peace of mind we all so desperately desire and seek. He is the reason for the season, Immanuel, or Emmanuel, Jesus Christ, our Lord and our Savior. John 14:27 New King James Version 27 Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.
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    I am still following the Q. The military insider has not made a post since 8 Dec. The Anons are discussing various aspects of the current state of affairs on the other channels. We are all waiting for the 6 Jan 2021 Congressional gathering. That should be the final determination day. I think, maybe, I hope.
  3. If AZ, PA, and MI EC votes are thrown out, the vote, goes to the U.S. Congress. Each state has one vote, VP Pence presiding as President of the U.S. Senate. Consider the red states vs blue states.
  4. Treason! Here is one possibility to 6 Jan 2021.
  5. That is one strategy. There are others to be considered. Like everyone else, I am just waiting.
  6. Building the case now Deep State running for cover M S M lying
  7. 6 January 2021, the next important date.
  8. IMO, the next six weeks are going to reveal and utilize the path provided by the U.S. Constitution that most people are not aware of nor understand. Enjoy the show.
  9. Despite the ignorance of the Luciferians here, I understand perfectly what you stated.
  10. Instead of being angry at the messenger, you might want to pay attention to Justice Alito.
  11. Worth following. If the USSC denies PA's Electoral Votes along with one other state, e.g. MI, GA, AZ, Biden will not have 270. Neither will President Trump; what will the next step be?
  12. Public information phase ongoing now. Justice phase coming. AG Barr story regarding no election fraud is a made up story by the AP. No source links available. Amendment XII of the U.S. Constitution does not require that electors be chosen by popular vote. They are chosen by state legislators. Make your calendars for 8 & 12 Dec, important dates. If the Electoral College fails to choose the president and vice president the election then goes to the House of Representative, one state, one vote. The GOP own the states. The Senate would determine the vice president. The GOP holds the majority there as well. There are other strategic scenarios that could come into play. Seventy-four million or more American Patriots are angry and not giving up the fight. Remember the U.S. Constitution is the bottom line authority.
  13. Kudos! You are the first to catch it.
  14. The rule of law wins Patriots stand in bright light Evil exposed, look
  15. "The path for President Trump to obtain enough votes in the electoral college to win re-election has now been revealed. The effort hinges on the public exposure of election fraud in hearings that began last Wednesday in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and continue next week in Arizona on Monday and Michigan on Tuesday. Jenna Ellis and Rudy Giuliani have made clear their strategy for getting Donald Trump re-elected. They intend to present evidence of widespread election fraud that calls into question the validity of the popular vote in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona. Although the public spotlight is currently focused on lawsuits that may prove in court claims about election fraud, it’s worth remembering that Presidents are not elected by the courts. In December, state legislatures will choose electors who will vote in the electoral college on December 14th. The vote of the electoral college will determine the next President." ~Dave Hayes, 27 Nov 2020 Now we wait and see how this plays out. The fat lady is about to grace the stage.
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    Q makes people think. People seek what they believe Q survived attacks
  17. Doesn't look like anyone is going to accept the challenge. If someone does accept this will probably be the statement strategy outline overview: 1. Lecture 2. Insult 3. Threaten
  18. I'm just waiting for Sidney Powell to "unleash the Kracken."
  19. At this juncture I believe this presidential election will be settled in the U.S. Congress. The House of Representatives will determine the President Elect and the Senate will determine the Vice President Elect. It will be so directed by the U.S. Supreme Court as a result of nation wide election fraud and corruption. All this IAW the U.S. Constitution. Our founders foresaw this as a possibility. History in the making.
  20. Dominion Voting Logo They don't even try to hide what they do. Notice, Red vote going in and Blue vote coming out.
  21. This election is far from over. There is no President Elect. See AZ as one example.
  22. Think New American Revolution. Headlines from the weekend: Trump Supporters, Counterprotestors Clash in DC Streets Cyber Analyst On Dominion Voting: Shocking Vulnerabilities Rudy Giuliani: 'Dominion Shouldn't Be Counting Votes Anywhere' Dominion was developed in Venezuela with its main office in Canada. What could possibly be suspicious here? China Expert: Beijing Happy With Biden Win