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  1. As I was watching the Rosh video a great light bulb came on my brain. The liberal progressive democrats are smarter than we are. We, the Christian conservatives, cannot defeat them. We simply lack the intelligence. It goes all the way back to the Garden. Eve was created by God and had a direct personal relationship with Him. She was not stupid and she was creative. And yet, Satan intellectually convinced her to disobey God's law not to eat of the tree of good and evil. Lucifer and his minions are the intelligent force in this world. We are the spiritual force and we know what the final outcome will be.
  2. Got this video from an engineering buddy. It's about 5 min long and spells out the science very well. Every 172 years like clockwork.mp4
  3. I was there that year with the Liberty Parachute Team.
  4. I started listening to Rush August, 1989. He was recommended to me by a former AF MAJ that flew F-4s in Vietnam. I have never seen him as a hate monger. What he was, was a strong conservative from a strong conservative patriotic family. He had a complete and total understanding of the liberal mindset and he played it well.
  5. But but science says global warning is real. This is just a natural anomaly.
  6. Yesterday afternoon gas price increased $0.20/gal. I fear this is just the beginning. President Trump got us to energy independence JB wiped that out in less than one month.
  7. I'm waiting for the Trump card to be played. It's kind'a like an orgasm. You know it's coming ya just don't know when.
  8. Opening defense leave Dems silent. Trump legal team makes chilling argument, Democrats silent | One America News Network (
  9. True, and who is the one person we can all focus on for unity? Hint: Jesus is the answer.
  10. Think of it this way, when Fri comes and you want some R&R, who do you choose to go and hang with?
  11. Think cultural relativity.
  12. Birds of a feather will flock together. It is just the way humans behave and socialize.
  13. From the Logitech ad: "We must abandon the logic of the past to advance to the future." IIRC Man's logic is based on man's limited understanding. It is always fallible and changing. Truth is eternally constant.
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    True that. I wasn't a racist until the Canadians, Brits, and West Coast Liberals said I was.
  15. I felt/feel the same about Hillary, but I digress.
  16. Do you think he was still undercover and a CI?
  17. I guess you didn't see the video of the people lining the streets waving U.S. and Trump flags.
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    Thanks for sharing.
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    Seattle Washington Starbucks !!!???
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    My fascination as a sociologist is that an obscure poster on an esoteric web site was able to organize the voters like no other movement in my lifetime.
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    Please, for your own safety do not try to live your life like mine. God has a unique plan just for you. The key to finding it lies with Jesus Christ as the gateway. God has allowed me to seek the danger of crises. For in danger there is opportunity. To quote Dr Hawkins again, A+B does not equal C. A,B, and C manifest congruently within a given paradigm.