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  1. 1 hour ago, kallend said:

    It remains a mystery to me why any woman would vote to have her rights over her own body reduced or eliminated.

    But there's no accounting for stupidity.

    I was going to post, sacrifices to Molech, etc.,but no one here understandstands "spiritual wickendness."

  2. Have you ever experienced the supernatural? If no, then the supernatural has no meaning. If yes, then you have some understanding and accpeptance.

    Oswald Chambers stated, "If Christianity is not supernatural then it is a sham." 

    For me and those like me, it is not a sham. 

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  3. 56 minutes ago, kallend said:

    You don't have a gift of the spirit, you just have an ability to disregard any and all facts that don't jibe with your prejudices..

    Try re-reading the Ten Commandments and Matthew 5 - 7 and asking yourself HONESTLY how your hero shapes up.

    My point is that it is neither GOP or liberal Democrat. It is principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness. 

    My hero is Jesus the Christ and the apostle Paul in this context. 

  4. 3 hours ago, kallend said:

    Trump: found guilty of fraud, twice, by courts.

    Trump:  found guilty of sexual assault by a court.

    Trump: under indictment for obstruction of justice and mishandling classified documents.

    Trump: over 30,000 documented, provable lies.

    Trump: admitted adulterer.

    Trump: admits to "pussy grabbing" and getting away with it because he's famous.

    Explain how Obama or Biden are worse.  Details, please, not just Q talking points.

    See where this is going. Tit for tat or one upsmanship.

    You can lead a liberal to water but first they have to analyze it to see if it is wet.

    I operate with the gifts of the Spirit, as to the best of my ability. See 1Cor:12.

  5. 1 hour ago, kallend said:

    We have enough evil from  Gaetz,  Trump and Boebert to worry about mythical beings.

    Yes, it is easier to worry about Soros, Obama and Biden and the evil they have wrought.

  6. 19 hours ago, billvon said:

      People who prefer science to angry rhetoric and political agendas?  You people who think the US should have religious freedom and the right to free speech, and who think banning books is a bad thing?  Healthcare workers, people who work for the justice system, and people who work for the VA?  Military families that rely on base housing?  They are coming for you.

    Quoting that portion that I believe as a conservative right-wing Christian. Do you suppose it is a spritual problem? Do you think Baal, Molech and Ishtar are at work in America?

  7. I agree with your initial premise but the points mentioned are foreign to me. The Christian conferences I have attended believe the Covid lockdown was the primary reason. In my experience that holds true for right-wing veterans groups also.

    Scripture teaches that the great apostasy will occur in the last days. Is this just prophecy being  fulfilled?

    "Church is not a building you go to, but a family you belong to."

    Jesus knows those who are His and listen to His voice.

  8. I redently discoverd this guy on YouTube. He conducts some of the most interesting interviews I have ever watched. Shawn is a former Navy SEAL and CIA operator. A large number of his shows are with recent veterans and what they have been dealing with since discharge. Of particular interest to me was his encounter with Kristin (Chris) Beck retired Navy SEAL

    I invite you to check him out.



  9. 8 hours ago, wolfriverjoe said:

    Helpful hint: Matthew 7:21-23.

    That is a scary thought. None of my brothers or sisters have accused me of being in violation. However, I have to work out my salvation with the fear of God in mind. Only He can condemn a soul. Imagine dying, standing in front of Jesus Christ, realizing that you spent a lifetime rejecting Him, and hearing Him say, "I never knew you."

  10. On 5/7/2023 at 12:38 AM, Slim King said:

    Biden did it ... Not really him .. I doubt he can even speak at this point without a teleprompter ... The CIA did it with the Navy.

    You are on target. A Navy P8 was accuractly tracked to area, refueled and then flew a pattern indicating the release of an anti-submarine missle. Then it flew home. This dara was gathered through Skyglass by AVIAR Labs.

  11. 9 hours ago, gowlerk said:

    Most likely observation of snow pack for the coming spring flood. A lot of water is going to move through the Red River to Lake Winnipeg. The spring melt is late and therefore will happen quickly. This area is very prone to wide shallow flooding during spring. There were a series of large snowfalls late in the season that came one after another in the area of North Dakota and southern Manitoba.


  12. 8 hours ago, gowlerk said:


    Off the OT, but I have a question for you. What is going on at the border south of you that has attracted increased surveillance aircraft? It has dropped off the last couple of days but, for awhile we were really looking at the Winnipeg area.

  13. On 3/28/2023 at 5:00 PM, wmw999 said:

    The shooter was assigned female at birth, and lived a large part of her life that way. She only used male pronouns on social media -- is your use of the male pronoun acknowledgment that she may have been misassigned?

    Wendy P.

    I actually thought at the time she was a male pretending to be female. I was surprised to see it was the other way around. Unusual for mass shooters.

  14. Mentally ill people can and do own firearms and other weapons. Sane people own firearms, primarily, and other weapons to protect themselves from mentally ill people. This latest Nashville shooter did not know what sex he was. That strongly suggests a mental illness to me. 

    I believe we have to do a better job of defending soft targets such schools, churches, etc.

  15. On 3/9/2023 at 3:01 PM, gowlerk said:

    Why should anyone believe anything? Especially coming from RonD1120. I wonder what the 1120 is? Maybe it's his secret agent number.

    D1120 is in fact my expert license number, issued 1965 by the PCA.

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  16. 14 hours ago, riggerrob said:

    That is why I refer to "fire and brimstone" sermons as lazy preacher's methods. I could never worship a god that I feared.

    I agree with you first position. In these days we need teachers. The main obstacle is the student must accept the subject first or they won't listen and follow instruction. Thus the born again experience becomes paramount.

    God loves you and does not want you to perish. Jesus died so that you can be free, right now.

    The scripture shows:

    The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom,
    And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding
    The fear of the LORD is a fountain of life,
    To turn one away from the snares of death.

     Pro 3:5

    Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
    And lean not on your own understanding;

  17. On 3/5/2023 at 10:25 PM, kallend said:

    I think it started with Richard Nixon.

    I think you may be correct. However, I place a lot of blame on LBJ and the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. 

  18. On 3/5/2023 at 9:22 AM, wolfriverjoe said:

    It's abundantly clear that Ron's views have ZERO to do with the actual teachings of Jesus.
    He's got that 'I accepted Jesus as my personal savior, so I'm cool doing whatever the fuck I want and I'm "saved"' bullshit going on.

    Conveniently forgetting Matthew 25:40.

    The Bible clearly indicates that in the last days before Jesus' return that His believers will be hated by the world and even martyred. In a micro sense you, et. al, are validating scripture generally and my faith specifically.

    Thank you.