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  1. AdD

    In defense of Icarus Tandem

    2,500 tandems here, wish they were all on Icarus, spot on about the toggle configuration as well.
  2. AdD

    Skydive New Zealand

    You need 500 jumps at a lot of them, not just the C.
  3. AdD

    Bluetooth LE Canopy recovery report

    Very interesting, I'm keen to hear more.
  4. AdD

    Speed vs. wingload

    Speed is proportional to the square root of wing loading.
  5. AdD

    Xaos 27 collapse??

    On your high wind - straight in approach the inertia of your body is less than in a swoop. Variations in wind speed during the approach probably resulted in your canopy falling below its stall speed and losing line tension and pressure. There was a video on iloveskydiving with a similar incident. I always let it rip on my velocity when the wind is high.
  6. AdD

    Chaminda Senadhira (Jump Pilot NZ)

    Chami was a great friend and one of the best pilots I had the pleasure to work with. His loss is felt deeply around the world.
  7. AdD

    ground launching near socal?

    Jim Slaton's Groundlaunch Center might be a place to start. Brian Germain showed me some nice video of coastal soaring on sand dunes out there, somewhere near Monterrey I think. Soaring on dunes is the best place to start I think, much less dangerous than hill launches IMO.
  8. AdD

    Road to Velo

    Hey dude, I transitioned from a jedei 136 to a velo 103 this summer around 800 jumps. I love the 103, it takes the work out of swooping if you know what I mean. On my jedei I felt like a steeper dive and longer recovery arc would be preferable to pulling out of a steep dive really low for a good swoop. The only thing you will hate is the openings, I'm still working on that, don't look up!
  9. AdD

    no snow in Canada

    Are you guys in BC in those pics? Right on, it never snows there from what I hear.
  10. AdD

    Writing a paper

    Too young to go yourself? Head to the local dropzone and see it firsthand!
  11. 1.6 , 200' (270 from 600' on jedei 136)
  12. Wow dude, wow. So this beam was 80' below the exit point? That is one of the most incredible stories I've ever heard.
  13. AdD

    Head down HELP!!!!

    Coaching is good. I didn't have much though, learned HD a lot on my own, then started 2 ways. I found doing headstands on the ground with my hands locked under my back of my head helped surprisingly a lot. I would work on getting my legs wider apart every day so I would be able to be more "legs dominant" in the air. Keep watching that alti!
  14. AdD

    Digitude Altimeter - Standard

    I like mine, the issues I have are that when I land it likes to read 100ft, even though I zeroed it on the ground, and that it will turn off easily if bumped in the plane.