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  1. Its a Verso with integrated rig Old images here : -- Sylvain
  2. Just my 2 cents : I'm french, teach FFC at my home DZ, but request students to have 200 jumps before they start WS. I always teach them to wave-off , but instead of collapsing the leg wing several times, I (and I think many other french instructors) teach them to wave their hands several times. It gives really good results in term of stability before opening -- Sylvain
  3. Steve, as explained, you need to put tension on the fabric. So its very important that the suit fits you well. If the suit is a bit too long for you, do not hesitate to shorten the booties, as I explained in this thread :;page=unread#unread -- Sylvain
  4. Another kind of acrobatics to be done when you share a plane with freeflyers : lot of fun :-) -- Sylvain
  5. Hi there, I'm planning a trip to Florida in November, is there any Wingsuit event planned during Zhills Annual Thanksgiving Boogie and Turkey Meet - 50TH ANNIVERSARY REUNION, Nov 19-27 ? -- Sylvain
  6. Ronaldo, the best way to shorten the booties on your Sfly Expert is to make an S-fold and stitch it (see attached picture). It also makes it easy to get the suit back to its original length if you need to sell it -- Sylvain
  7. Hi all, just wanted to share with you a very simple and efficient Viso mount, using just 2 hair elastics (or elastic bands) and 4 mini zip ties (see pictures) Hope this helps, -- Sylvain
  8. Airgun has a top mount platform that might fit : -- Sylvain
  9. It also happened to me. I fixed it by replacing the damaged cx105 screw mount with a screw mount from an older Sony HC-22, which is much more robust (see attached pictures). Seems to work fine :-)
  10. Back to topic ... a nice spin (spitfire vs V1 remake ) at 3:43 here : -- Sylvain
  11. I had crashes when rendering in Sony Vegas Studio Platinum 9 (Windows 7). Found this trick : Hope this helps -- Sylvain
  12. This is an old thread, but as I was surfing Immersivemedia website, I discovered this : and this Pretty amazing ! -- Sylvain
  13. 1. Werner (NL) 2. Ludwig (SE) 3. Martin (SE) 4. Sara Hall(SE) 5. Alejandro Lopez (SP/BE) 6. David Haygarth (UK) 7. Tomas 7even (SE) 8. Jarno Cordia (NL) 9. Patrick de Guillebon (FR) 10. Joaquim "Italiano" Forasetto (SE) 11. Gustavo Cabana (SP) 12. Benny (DK) 13. Mette (DK) 14. Tim Van Eester (BE) 15. Bavo 16. Gert Michiels (BE) 17. Pierre Pascal (UK) 18. Kaatje the pink bird (NL) 19. Miikka Sakari Oksanen (FI/EE) 20. Sylvain Karpf (FR) Maybe: Tristan Virgin-Burner Hans (aka Gadget) Bassie Danny Piisfish (from 28 april ? )