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  1. As a good pistol is to get a rifle, You probably got a few "Gallons " like having a few rounds. You lie like a rug. When did you last jump? I live close to three DZ's and happen to be jumping on ... MY FREE TIME. Plastic Navy? Must be your own time. ....... mommy can I go play? I Am current. Are You? I truely dought this with you. Can care less with your reply.
  2. Awsome! Yes, My 2 pit bull's love their............... ......... Michael Vic chew,.. chew's!!!! But Dozer, my boy pit, sure loves his ATL Falcon jersey chew chew too!
  3. elpeludo


    Dude, get more creative! Qm9vYmllcyEhIQ== Thank you Rev. well said, at times thing's happen. those close to us may say to those "AAAhhh what is going on?" and there are time's that under this known "pressure".... NTQ....those close to us are affected. I was told as a young boy that... you can only do as your heart and mind will follow. Yet as time and social stability changes, so comes the reality of ....food on the table/ next jump. If you feel depression / anxiety but mostly stress, please be good to you and all and it is simple. .. can I /we get help. some times it does hurt to get "shit" of your mind and especially your living soul. Thank you Rev. Jim. please forgive my rant.. El peludo aka.. mikey
  4. here ya' go ............this is a guarantee to really do it the old world way, plenty of ice cold Guiness stout " this is to chase down slowly some 12 year old fine scotch" I prefer 21+ old. Ohh.... those day's are now in the past. now it's my time to get sedated. night , night. El peludo
  5. Hey man, sometimes..... shit happens. Be glad that you are not going to your amigo's funeral or that some else got nailed by the vehicle. I had a DUI myself only 1/2 mile from my home back in 1995. I blew a .28 first offense... Shit !!! the whole seen was an awakening for the things to come.....Mmmmmmm jail for 25 days, DUI classes, community service, fines, restitution, 7 years probation with a clause,.... "break no law." nada/period! I do not know what your state has as a guideline for the offense but, California is getting even tougher and we now have a mandatory 20 -30 day encarceration for first time offender's who blow over a .12 and give the arresting officer any ounce of trouble or conduct themselves irresponsible during the "investigation " If your amigo has a problem help him or her through it and encourage them to understand what it does. " alcohol is a powerful thing" I know, I am a recovering alcohlic. Have faith ! El Peludo
  6. elpeludo

    Fart foods?

    thanks fo your reply!
  7. elpeludo

    Fart foods?

    O.K. a test run ....go to taco bell.. 3 bean cheese burritos 9 devil hot packs of "salsa" go to market/ 2 small bananas "green" and a cap of buttermilk atleast no more than 2 oz. sincerely, El Peludo
  8. elpeludo

    Fart foods?

    I just threw up in my mouth a little. " The makings of a fine day!" " time to get that grocery list ready .... like shopping at your favorite outdoor tackle and hunting shop. . Thanks El Peludo
  9. elpeludo

    Fart foods?

    Dear GOD!!!"sorbital"........... I am just looking foreward to Nuking the Evil Empire,........ not leave the remains of a lahore in my drawer's. Thank's for your reply. El Peludo
  10. elpeludo

    Fart foods?

    Hey everyone, I need some serious advice about what foods I can eat to produce a major butt biohazard. My boss is a massive asshole and I want to leave a nuclear payload in his office or around him. One of the other guys in the shop is a diabetic and OMG!! A double drop would be killer so, please give a list of the most gaseous producing foods available in the "free" world.
  11. True, fire is a bad thing....... even worse is coming home to turn on the tube then have to hear those "Paris Hilton types" pissin' and moanin' about their shit! well, since they can afford it they also can afford the additional cost of (INSURANCE) They should just suck it up and get on with life.
  12. Hi baby! Once you get past the lil' sting upon piercing, you got it licked........ that is, she then has it licked for you. Sure makes a part of foreplay even more interesting!! Tell Terry that I and runwayangel are going to Twilight Fantasy Tattoo in Riverside to get some more work done also upgrade 1 or 2 piercings from stainless to cobalt blue. mine are gun blue 10 gage.
  13. Thanks for helping him out too. Yes,greens are good but not for a daily staple. We feed our monitors strictly live feeders our young savannah she too gets crickets and recently pinkies... My bearded dragons love fruit, greens and fuzzy mice. Hopefully it just slipped out from its owner and possibly get back too with a lil' help. blue skies .... always! el peludo
  14. Here you go amigo, Place a 100 watt light over the box or atleast 1 foot above the iguana containment. I use a 150 watt reptile infrared lamp of which you can leave on all day long. It will not interfere with its day time / night time exposure. Feel free to also give it an ample amount of vegetables and fruit too.Don't forget a water bowl too. You can PM me at any time here at dz.com for any other questions about it. O.K.