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  1. Here the the pole instruction manual I am in the turquoise bikini "Well behaved women rarely make history"
  2. Get a pole from Platinum Stages, they are the best on the market. And I am on the cover of the instruction manual
  3. Time for a pole dancer to chime in...... Here is the best pole dancer I have ever seen I am getting Jeff to put my pole back up and then I will post video
  4. What programs for mac are there to make websites? I don't need anything fancy, just something that saves things as html. I just need to keep my website updated and change out pics from time to time. I use front page for pc, but now I am using mac. This is my site very simple no need for a $300 program. Is there any free programs out there? "Well behaved women rarely make history"
  5. Have had it done and I am an aesthetician and know a bit about the field. OK FIRST! do a lot of research and find out what type of laser they are using, there are several. I read in someones previous thread that they have had several treatments and the black is still there. The black should be the first to go and get rid of pretty easily. Second, don't have some dumb dunce tech to the procedure, make sure they are fully trained, preferable a nurse or doctor. You most likely have some scaring, funny thing is that it probably happened when you got the tattoo and you never noticed it. And it hurts like a bitch to get it removed, it doesn't take anywhere near as long to get the tattoo but I highly recommend getting lydocaine shots to numb the area. Send me a message if you want to know more. "Well behaved women rarely make history"
  6. The fire troupe I spin with has a bunch of guys that do contact juggling and they do it very well and with several balls. Very awesome to watch! "Well behaved women rarely make history"
  7. That might be a good idea! "Well behaved women rarely make history"
  8. NO HEELY"S FOR JEFF ANYMORE! I am already nervous for the snowboarding bachelor party...I almost rather he have a party with a hooker "Well behaved women rarely make history"
  9. I just finished it and I am pretty proud of what I made. Please check it out and sign our guestbook, ask questions, etc! "Well behaved women rarely make history"
  10. Sometimes, poor kitty has to live outside. Not that I agree with it. I am usually an indoor cat person, but one of my two cats was peeing on the floor everyday. Tried everything, every remedy, EVERYTHING! The vet said I had three with the cat piss all over the house (no way, that is disgusting) , put the cat down (HELL NO!), make kitty an outdoor cat. I was very nervous and two months in, so far so good. We do have a fenced in backyard and she doesn't really leave the backyard. I do realize sometimes kitties do preferred to live outside, it may be in more their nature for some of them. But I think a fence or some kind of invisible fence training is good. I really hope your kitty comes home and when she does maybe consider some kind of fence or training. "Well behaved women rarely make history"
  11. I can help it, it is a train wreck. I love it. I watch it every time there is a new one on and I even watch reruns. So who do you think is going to win this Sunday? I think Daisey should win, whe's seems like a whore and she is really hot with her ink, more Brett's type than Ambre "Well behaved women rarely make history"
  12. THE CURE! They have been my favorite band for 21 years.................... WOW! Makes me look old BUT not too old to go see them in concert in JUNE! Can't wait
  13. LA Blue Girl "Well behaved women rarely make history"
  14. I am ssssssssssssoooooooooo addicted to their podcast and it is really the only thing I listen to anymore in my car! BRUMSKY! "Well behaved women rarely make history"