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  1. I am looking to fly a bigger flag and need a new pouch. Does anyone know anybody who makes pouches? thanks in advance John Cohn
  2. johncohn

    Icon Sport

    Just bought an Aerodyne rig, including a Pilot main, Smart reserve and an Icon container. I like all the standard features including hip rings, stainless steel hardware, hook knife, etc. Good pin protection, secondary riser covers. All in all a good buy!
  3. johncohn


    I am out the door at about 175 pounds and have a Sabre2 170. I consistently have severe closed end cells upon opening which then turn into radical turns. Customer service at PD says "body position, so I adjusted my body position - no joy. Then they said pack it differently, so we did that - no joy. What I have found is that you need to significantly load the canopy ( a 210-230 out the door weight on a 170) to get good openings. SO, I either have to gain weight or get a different canopy. So long Sabre2.
  4. Who says that life has to beeither SL or AFF? There is a place for both. I started when I was 55 and I was much happier taking things one step at a time wiht the SL progression. If I had to go AFF, I wouldn't have started...