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  1. They wear guns on their hips to buy ammo here in AZ...... Have a yippee ki ya day!
  2. Maybe you should try old style transportation? Stay warm! Have a yippee ki ya day!
  3. I served from 68-72 during the Viet Nam War. I was never assigned to bases in Viet Nam. Had I been ordered to Viet Nam I would have gone willingly and done my assigned duties. Do I consider myself a veteran? Absolutely. Do I consider myself a combat veteran? Of course not. Thanks to all the combat veterans out there that had to serve under extremely difficult conditions! Have a yippee ki ya day!
  4. Congrats to the Kings on the win last night. Thanks to the Blackhawks for another awesome, if not heart stopping season. So close to one more shot at the cup.
  5. Awesome Hockey in the Western Finals. Not for the faint of heart. Just one more big push Blackhawks!!!!!!!! Have a yippee ki ya day!
  6. Not sure about that....But I do want to see another original 6 Cup final.....GO BLACKHAWKS!!! Have a yippee ki ya day!
  7. Whew....The Wild are playing excellent hockey....Let's take one in St. Paul and get ready for the conference finals... GO BLACKHAWKS!!!!!!!!! Have a yippee ki ya day!
  8. I agree....GO BLACKHAWKS!! Have a yippee ki ya day!
  9. Hey you're alive! Long time no see that wrinkled ass Peanut! Have a yippee ki ya day!
  10. I'm putting money down on the B'Hawks.
  11. Awesome hard hitting hockey in St. Louis! Two overtime periods made my next morning come earlier than expected. GO HAWKS!!!!!
  12. Haha! No way!! That's cool!! Please take a picture and show us after your dye job? Time to get your party on! Have a yippee ki ya day!
  13. It'll be green on Saturday..... Have a yippee ki ya day!