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  1. You'll pick it up quick enough, i got a video of me screamin like a girl coming in with no wind on my first jump on a 200, (i know that's still big but i'm heavy, heh) little wind = nice hehe have a blast mate, i just did my aff a week ago, you'll absolutely love it. Ed
  2. I cannot stand how much sueing appears to go on in America, and I don't think either of the two unfortunates mentioned should have sued, but, remember they are stuck in a wheel chair for life, they may be to blame, but without being in that situation how can anyone say they would accept the blame? A broken leg is a mile away from a useless body for life. just food for thought Ed
  3. We've had this thread about 20 times before, and i'll tell you what will happen. A lot of newer people want one, seemingly a lot of more experienced jumpers disagree with them. I personally have one because i jump student gear, however, i don't think i will have one on my first rig i buy.
  4. That's gunna get you a better response isn't it, well done lad
  5. I totally know what you mean. Having just finished AFF last week, where it seemed only milliseconds before I was "locking on" to my alti waiting for 5 grand and pulling. Now it's more like, have fun, have more fun, practice some stuff, (intermitently checking alti of course ) and then still be at like 7grand. OOOOOOOOOH it's time to track. Heh that is sooo much fun. Ed (P.S. Nice one mountain )
  6. Yeah, this was a mistake on my part. I meant a BOC throw-out with 6-7foot of bridal. But AFF was awesome! Ed
  7. Finished AFF in 2 days! one repeat, and today finished my 10th consolidation jump, also having converted to pull out, and i did my hop and pop from 5000. Grasshopper I can see how you enjoy those, wow! So anyway, might have to cruise over and try out some Skydive U tomorrow, or maybe sneak over to the Babylon Freefly team and see how they do their stuff (PS Empuriabrava rocks 110%) WOW THIS SPORT IS INTENSE!!!!!!!! Ed
  8. Hellian

    Head Honcho

    Yeah Langar is supposed to be really good. Skreamer, Mooose and BenW jump there I think.... Ed
  9. Hellian

    Head Honcho

    Where are you jumping when you live in London? (Or are you already there?) Ed
  10. WHAAAAA!!!! HAVE A GOOD ONE MAN! oooooooh, 9 days till i start **g** Ed
  11. Did I miss it?! I remember reading a good while back about the fact that they were televising it, but i've been so busy recently i never checked the dates, i know the event is nearing an end/over but the telvising of it, anyone have any idea? HH, wanna shed some light on the issue? btw, when you live in london, where yah gunna jump m8? Dunkeswell, Hinton, Langar and Headcorn are the options i believe. Ed
  12. Ahh nice one. Cheers for the replies guys :) Ed - 16 days to go
  13. cheers mate, good luck with your Physics course, i can't say i'm not happy that i'll never have to take anymore physics again in my whollllle life. (and no i don't check the forums every 10 minutes my email beeps when i get a new one, ie a reply ) righty-ho, off to sleep off my drunken state. Ed
  14. It was my final Physics paper, the questions were fairly unrelated, but there was one where i had to draw a graph of height fallen against time taken. A couple of things explaining about terminal speed... erm, something about falling without air resistance, and calculation terminal speed from the graph. I got a value of about 220mph and it's normally more like 120-140mph yeah? so either i got it wrong or Edexcel didn't bother investigating into the subject matter This time in 16 days i will have done AFF ground school. Hell yeah! Ed
  15. Yeah I know you're supposed to throw out your pc very hard, but on the realtively few deployments i've seen on film, there is a marked distinction between how hard BASE jumpers throw it out compared to "normal" skydivers. But thanks for the explanations guys, first day of my holiday and i was puzzling over it, too much beer last night made me a tad sluggish Ed