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  1. Todd I will miss you. We had some great talks over the years about kids!! You always took time to say hi to my boys and ask me about them. You were a kind, fun, positive person that will be terribly missed. My heart goes out to your family. Blue skies Debs
  2. oops - I thought you meant this coming weekend - So when you come there won't be a NSL meet but it will still be lots of fun!!!!
  3. Come to Skydive Twin Cities!!! Great people and this weekend is a NSL meet so should be alot of fun. hope to see you
  4. Hi Everyone - just wondering if I can get some info on this DZ as my hubby and I might be going out that way and maybe even working for a while. All I've heard so far is that the winds are pretty bad this time of the year? What's the vibe like? the people? the safety record? and where is the owner from? Any info is much appreciated to help us make our decision. You can PM me if you need to. thanks
  5. anybody got any pics of Erich they can post. It would be nice to see his smiling face again.
  6. This is a really sad day for all of us at Baldwin, Hutchinson and everywhere else where Eric had shown his smiley face. You can see the tower from my window at home, I am going by later to lay down some flowers. Gretchen and Max, my thoughts are with you. Eric was an excellent Dad, Husband and friend of many. He was doing something he really had a passion for Rest in Peace Babe Debs xxxx
  7. Who is the author of "Unintended Consequences"?
  8. Our sincere Condolences to Adria's family and all those who loved her and were touched by that wonderful smile. Heaven has another bright shining star Deb & Carl Baldwin, WI
  9. Hi There - I am a jumper at Skydive Twin Cities and would love to welcome you to our DZ. It's a wonderful place with great people and amazing skydiving talent (One of the instructors just passed 11,000 jumps!!!). The owners are super friendly and helpful. The regulars welcome all new people and every year we have a large number of AFF grads that still jump with us. Hope to see you out at Baldwin soon - be sure to find me and say HI (I'm the English chick!). Oh and the Super Otter will be with us in June.