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  1. Thanks for the info! Carpe diem
  2. Hey thanks for doing this Trunk! Question: is there a lock on the remote that keeps a bump in the sky from stopping the video? Thanks Carpe diem
  3. Nice guys. Looks like fun! Chaps Carpe diem
  4. Can you edit, export to men stick, put in cam, use mc5? Carpe diem
  5. Just awesome flying... the harmony! Chaps Carpe diem
  6. I'm pumped! Let's hear dates and places and things... I'm thinking big-ways will be possible there too Looking forward to jammin with friends... Chaps Carpe diem
  7. What's up buddy? I look forward to seeing you and the whole crew! Now, Please... nobody throw my shoes on top of the hanger this year Chaps Carpe diem
  8. AWWWWW-YEAHHHHHH! Viva la revolucion!!! I'm in. chaps Carpe diem
  9. Find someone you can casually conversate with... you'll probably learn from them best. It's hard find neutral on your head... but once you do things start working out quickly. Wih sit flying it's 'easy' to find neutral... advanced development can be extremely challenging though! That's the problem... if you don't develop sit skills early you may find yourself behind the curve later. Have fun Chaps Carpe diem
  10. Thanks man... maybe next time we'll get the chance to fly together! Kim and I had a great jump together... it's so funny when I think about her saying she wasn't sure if she'd judge or compete... and then she cranks out mad points on the jump back Sorry Kim, you're a flyer whether you fess up to it or not! Yup... the Rats and Capitol Skydiving kick ass... As for the shoes... I had it coming. I mean I did pass out really early (like 2am) and I had only had like 15 jag bombs. Can't wait to get back together with everyone... Chaps Carpe diem