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  1. Cheers for all the support. Will def go down there midweek, not going home until I nail it... (looks like a long night..) Kentlad
  2. Ok, am I being an arse or do I have a legtimate crumble.. Compeleted my 2nd consolidation jump this weekend, at the point where I really must start packing myself and getting that £10 back...(all adds up) This was my first solo pack as I have only done the 1st as part of my packing lesson, the instructor did most of it I just watched. Remembered how to get to the first check no worries, remembered how to fold the canopy, b over a etc. (think that was right. ). Then thought ok, what next.. My main crumble was trying to find help with this pack, instructors busy doing tandem, aff etc. (fair enough it is a Saturday) but everyone else I asked had the own agenda...eventually after 2 hours got the thing packed and deposit credited to next ticket. I just find this very annoying, standing around for an age hoping to find someone to help. I have found this at the DZ I use, very cliquey, a couple of excellent instrutctors, but not very newbie friendly. Just can't wait until I can pack myself, going to persevere, going down their during the week this time, so what happens.... Kentlad
  3. Thanks for all the info.. The RSL was indeed explained when we were hung up on the cutaway training harness. Must of been the overload of info that day, just needed some clarification. Kentlad
  4. Tell me about it, also just completed AFF (well level 8). Doing some lame IT job 9-5, really would like to jack it in, go skydiving all and every day. If it was only not for the mortage company wanting their slice each month... Kentlad
  5. Suck eggs warning..Sorry but real newbie questions Ok tried to find to answers myself but I am having no luck... Can anyone please explain some of the following things that have been nagging me.. 1, What is CAT10 i have just finished my AFF level 8 about to do my 10 consolidation jumps, which I thought earned me my A license, if so what is CAT 10? 2, What is RSL, am I right in thinking it is something to do with automatic release of the reserve canopy? what does RSL stand for? 3, What is WARP, I understand there are WARP coaches at my DZ just not got around to finding out what they are etc. Like I say real newbie, have tried find out myself but no luck, am sure you gurus dont mind helping out... Many thanks Kentlad PS If relevant UK based..
  6. Blimey sounds we get another raw deal in Blightly (UK), I recently paid £1250 for AFF course (approx 1800 Euros) for 8 Jumps. Also had to repeat level 3 (DAMMM IT!!) at an additional £140. Had a look around various DZ prices, they all seem about the same.. did get a free Alti thrown in though..
  7. funny you should say that, it also took me to level 5 before I stayed on my feet this weekend. Instructor recommended a smaller canopy, had much more fun under it, much more responsive. Either that or just a bit of luck, but was very pleased when I did not end up on my arse... Roll on Level 6...
  8. Hello all, After spending all day on Saturday at Headcorn DZ (Kent, England) in about 1 million degrees heat... Got my turn to attempt my AFF Level 5 (passed it and WOW!!!), however when kit-ing up and trying to find a spare jumpsuit from the club. Had no luck, my instructor finally grabbed one off another student who had just finished a tandem. To say it was dripping with someone else's sweat would be no exaggeration!! Being a student, I am trying to resist to urge to go and splash out on loads of new gear. However a jumpsuit I think after this weekend, I can justify. Anyone have any recommendations on where / what to look for? know any good online sites to take a look at. Something that is suited as a good all-rounder, not too worried about price (nothing gold plated though!) Many thanks Ian.