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  1. "Is there anything beer can't do" Hank Hill A Winter Poem: Its fucking cold The End 'People who want to share their religious views with you almost never want you to share yours with them' B Moore 'Turbulence is a bitch'
  2. Like he said, you are going to have to drive. I live in great falls and the closest one I have gone to, Silvertip Skydivers, is in Hamilton, about 30 miles south of Missoula. Then there is lost prairie in Marion. I am not aware of one in Helena, but I have only been here a couple months. B Moore 'Turbulence is a bitch'
  3. I will be there. Bring your own beer from home (not utah) if you want real beer and not the 3.2 stuff. Lesson learned from last year. B Moore 'Turbulence is a bitch'
  4. Thanks for the heads up. I was on the launch load today, it was amazing. I didn't even realize there was a launch until I read this post. Good thing I did or we might have missed out on this jump. Amazing visuals. B Moore 'Turbulence is a bitch'
  5. Here is mine. It was a result of turbulence collapsing 1/2 of my canopy, but all the TM's under canopy thought I was trying to pull off the world's lowest hook turn. So i figure it qualifies. B Moore 'Turbulence is a bitch'
  6. Bike of course B Moore 'Turbulence is a bitch'
  7. Yea i know its in houston. I am graduating from the air force academy at the end of the month and i have 60 days of leave afterwards. Houston is my home town so i will be down there for most of it. Thanks for checking though B Moore 'Turbulence is a bitch'
  8. Wow... thanks for all the great info. After all this, I think I am just going to go to Skyfest. I am amazed at how much Skyfest is going to have and I dont see the benefit of spending 400 bucks just to get to the WFFC. Considering I am not a very experienced jumper, dont know a lot of people to meet up with at WFFC, and that Skyfest will be just an hour from my house, it sounds like Skyfest has everything I want and more. I still hope to get out to WFFC at some point, but it is not looking like it will be this year. Thanks for the great info and see yal out there at Skyfest B Moore 'Turbulence is a bitch'
  9. Hey all, I was looking into going to WFFC this year since they moved it up and I will actually be able to attend. I will be Houston over the summer on leave and saw the ads for Skyfest. The reason I really wanted to go to WFFC was to do all of the unique jumps (helo, bi plane, hot air balloon, mullins, maybe even jet) and jump with people from all over. Skyfest is going to have all of these aircraft except for the jet. So I guess the real question is... is WFFC still worth it for the atmosphere and sheer size? Has anyone been to both and can compare the two? Thanks a lot. Cant wait for this summer!! B Moore 'Turbulence is a bitch'
  10. I'll be there! B Moore 'Turbulence is a bitch'
  11. My guess is an autogiro B Moore 'Turbulence is a bitch'
  12. I cant get a queso burrito at chipotle. I can at Qdoba. That settles it. B Moore 'Turbulence is a bitch'
  13. Titatium is a little over a year old. Its all good now. Havent decided if I am going to get it taken out or not. Got to finish gymnastics season first. B Moore 'Turbulence is a bitch'
  14. Here is my 'new to me' '05 Yamaha FZ-6. Just got her a few days ago. I love the underseat exhaaust. Bad pics but you get the idea. B Moore 'Turbulence is a bitch'
  15. Had 7 and now its time for alcohol sleep. There is no better sleep in the world. B Moore 'Turbulence is a bitch'