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  1. LOL bigdaddy. I don't get how you landed 2 miles away from the DZ? At 13,000 you should have way more than enough time to get back. ------------------------ Freefly, baby.
  2. I just looked at a picture and got on the next load to try it. My 1st one I was way to stiff. That knocked me all over the place and I couldn't keep it stable. On the second I tried to just be more relaxed and I got it. You'll get it pretty quick I bet.
  3. Sweet vid man!! I didn't get to check out the whole thing cause I gotta get my ass to school, but that's awesome! You looked real good up there.
  4. The only time I was scared was doing my first static line jump. Hangin on to the strut of that C-182 with the wind blastin at me. After that, now I just want to jump, jump, and jump some more! ------------------------ Freefly, baby.
  5. My pro-dytter came with a mount and 2 zip ties for both sides of the mount. ------------------------ Freefly, baby.
  6. I'm not worried about losing my dytter. I've seen tons of guys with their dytters mounted on the sides of their helmets and they all seem to being good. ------------------------ Freefly, baby.
  7. Good guess! ------------------------ Freefly, baby.
  8. I was just mounting my Pro-Dytter onto my BG Guner helmet and I was thinking about my Sony DCR-TRV-27. It doesn't cost anything to run and I barley use it so I was wondering how many jumps I should have before I jump with a camrea? I currently have 42 jumps. ------------------------ Freefly, baby.
  9. What's the channel name? #dropzone? ------------------------ Freefly, baby.
  10. Most of the spinning was out of frame cause I float like a mofo on my belly at 135 pounds. Once I looked down and saw Jimmy's quarter inch silhouette below me I got into my sitfly and caught up. Do you jump at Lodi much, Tim? ------------------------ Freefly, baby.
  11. This is my 39th jump, and 4th or 5th sitfly jump. The camera man dropped like crazy on me so I tucked pretty hard in my sitfly. I was having such a blast I forgot to get out of that tight sit position. Jimmy, the camera man had a fat smile on his face the whole time, lol. Good jump
  12. I had two incidents like that. The first time was when I first wore my Neumann gloves and I couldn't find my handle for a few seconds. Everything felt different with the gloves on, but I got the hang of it. Another time I wore my North face jacket liner and I was freeflying that jump. My jacket totally unzipped, popped out of my pants where I had tucked them in, and covered my handle. That sucked. That was around 4. I dropped to 3 before I got it cleared and pulled. I guess it's a good thing I pull higher for reasons like that. ------------------------ Freefly, baby.
  13. Yeah, I've done that before Phree. He whooped my ass... lol it was kind of sad actually. He spead off... I dropped... But that was around jump #20. Who knows, maybe I've improved. I'm about to find out in about an hour when I get to the DZ.
  14. Happy New Years everybody! I'm celebrating by jumping all day long. It's a bit cold, but worth it! ------------------------ Freefly, baby.