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  1. The first time I saw CCM I asked what it meant. Wes looked at me with that sly smile and said "Cranial Camera Mount." I said "It's a camera helmet." "Oh no" he said, "a helmet implies safety and protection and I don't want anybody thinking this thing will protect them." I miss him.
  2. Go daddy doesn't get very good reviews. I went there and there were a lot of adds on the page. Danica is there spokesperson and I think she is a complainer. I got mine from Hostmonster which is owned by Bluehost.
  3. I jump a D50, works good. It has auto iso, so all the pics in the plane come out good. It has an LCD on top of the camera so I can see the settings when it's on the helmet. I rewired an IR remote with a switch and took the light out and put it in front of the sensor on the camera. The only problem is that I can't hold the trigger down for rock and roll. I set the focus for closest subject, so it will shoot quicker. I just wish it had more pixels.
  4. It's an old PC101 that won't play tapes. I want to use it for a web/security camera. I loaded the Picture Package programs and got the usb to work. It has a nice picture, but it's pretty dark. The adjustments are grayed out, so I can't brighten it up.
  5. Anybody have a cd with the usb streaming drivers on it? I can't find the drivers online and I don't have a cd. Thanks Van
  6. I use Nero Express 3. It came with Nero Suite that I got with a Lite-on internal DVD burner. Start Nero Smartstart, select DVD and click on Photo and Video. Then click on Make your own video. That will start NeroVision Express. Then add video, I just left click drag it from Explorer down to the taskbar over the Nero program and it will come to the front and then put the cursor on the add box and let loose, the video will be added. Add more videos or click next and your burning. Sometimes if I put the wrong disk in it will look like it's working and then come up with the error you got. Just put a different DVD in. A slower one or a +R or -R