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  1. www.winaviation.com 6 Skyvans and 4 Sherpas
  2. This weekend . www.skydivemidwest.com . Sherpa and Super King Air . July 15 through 17th
  3. http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/us/2011/05/24/pa.skydiving.record.wbre?hpt=C2
  4. Mine is in Tecumseh. The only other one I know of ,flying jumpers is the one from RAPA in Germany. I might be wrong. Won't be the first time
  5. When we did the comparisons between the PAC, Caravan and the Kodiak we looked at the following before buying it. i'm not going to compare the Caravan as it was eliminated early. (I operate one also) Price. It was and maybe it still is a bit cheaper than the PAC .Its like a car.Depends on options and who you buy it from and when you placed your order. It comes with many more options than a PAC ,most which is not needed for skydiving. Most important is the G1000 Garmin avionics package that comes standard. Bit of a overkill for Skydiving but so much less maintenance. Support. The factory is in Idaho. It's made in the US and a call away. The factory did go through some tough times ,but is back on track. Durability. This aircraft has gone through the most extensive trials I have seen. They even allowed us to see how they try and break the landing gear . This aircraft was made for the outback and rough environments. Cabin and Door Size. The cabin is extremely roomy .Very wide. It seats 15. On the straddle benches ,no-one needs to bend over and the door is 50 inches x 50 inches. That is big. Performance. During its first weekend it was doing loads at around .26 per load.Wheels up to wheels down. That is with a pilot that has only flown it in the simulator and still figuring out the short cuts and the way she likes to be flown .(BTW. The aircraft comes with pilot training and three axis simulator flight time. One of the many small things that helps) Design. It is a high wing and personally my preference. Makes for better visibility and much nicer landings. It has a tail that is higher than the PAC ,but 18 inches closer. We have eliminated the factory camera step for the fact that it rises higher than the floor. We have lowered the outside step and outside floater bar by 10 inches and extended it to 12 inches past the door for a camera man. In that configuration the cameraman and all floaters have their shoulders lower than the tail. As the case with all aircraft ,jumpers should only leave the aircraft when the pilot commands and approve and the aircraft is jump configuration. Climb Rate> We did a one on one flight between a fully loaded PAC and Kodiak. The Kodiak did get to altitude faster ,but it was very un-scientific. Although we did take off together ,the PAC was loaded with dynamic weight and the Kodiak with Static weight. The Kodiak had no jump mods (Drag) but the pilot also had no jump pilot experience. Few other things that swayed me. Four Bladed Prop : higher ground clearance Cruise Speed. At 178 knots ,the PAC doesn't come close and with ferry fees ,that really helps Aesthetics. The Kodiak comes standard with leather and beautiful trim.Our mechanics shed a tear when they had to remove it for a cargo interior.It has a insulated cabin and if it wasn't for the jump door ,it would be good enough for a sound studio. Also comes with cabin heat ,8 place oxygen , standby instruments and has dual IFR instuments. I am in no means criticizing the PAC . My hat goes of to anyone designing a aircraft and operating it. I have many friends that are extremely happy with their PACs and will buy another if needed. This is a new aircraft and we will learn allot this year. Some good ,some bad. So far ,she has been great. Lets hope for a safe and great future with this aircraft.
  6. Skydive Tecumseh in Michigan started flying Kodiak SN 0052 full time last weekend. Brand new out of the box
  7. Please elaborate on "dangerous" .... .The PAC was to far back in one load but still in its left most rear trailing spot . Corrected to fly tighter on the next load . Don't see where "dangerous" came in to play. I have been flying with the same pilots for the last 8 years in the big ways at Deland and trust me ,they now their sh.....t
  8. Again. No Stalls. The Lead Plane ,Shorts 3-30 had a minimum speed of 105 knots. None of the other aircraft trailing it ,were capable of stalling at that speed.
  9. By KA you mean King Air ?? There were no King Airs in the aircraft Line -up. No stalls ... Aircraft were 6 Twin Otters ,1 Skyvan , 1 Shorts 3-30 and one PAC Landing incident is discussed in the incident forums
  10. Thank you to Skydive Chicago who diverted a Otter to take Pete home
  11. Up and running in Boscobel.15 min from Ocho Rios.The aircraft (King Air) is used tomorrow Jan the 14th for relief operations in Haiti but will be back up and running 7 days a week the 15th. www.skydive-jamaica.com
  12. I'm not sure if this is the appropriate forum to post this in ,but here goes. Mr.Douglas is going to be put in a Museum. The aircraft is probably going to be painted and we are told the interior will be refurbished. With that said ,it means the Rickerby murals will be painted over . The new owners have agreed for us to remove the bulkhead and big pieces of sheetmetal on which the murals were painted. We are trying to see if anyone is interested in purchasing these original Rickerbys. They will come on the sheetmetal. The funds will be used to remove them and replace the removed parts. Mark also wants some of the proceeds to go to a fund for Rickerby's family. We are not sure if such a fund was ever established.Mr.Douglas is a icon in the Jumpship world and those painting have covered thousands of miles.If you know of anyone that was interested in owning a original Rickerby ,please put them in contact with me Andri ( andri@winaviation.com)