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  1. Tony Hathaway is having an air guitar competition, Friday night April 14th dueing the boogie. All entrants get a few free beers before the compeition and there will be jump tickets and more beer for prizes! See if you can beat Bob Clark, our local ringer! We will have some loaner air guitars or you can bring your own.
  2. I am out of Timmies coffee!! Can anyone help a brutha out with a couple cans? ETA: TK likes Timmies too!
  3. Anyone who has taken an entry level course in logic should also be familiar with the Latin term ad hominem. This term is used by logicians to describe what is probably the most commonly used logical fallacy. The idea behind ad hominem is that it is an error in logic to weigh the merits of an argument by virtue of who is making the argument. An example of this would be something like, "Don't trust that Christopher Columbus guy! The only reason he says the earth is round is because he wants Spain to build three ships for him." Even if it was true that Columbus had an ulterior motive in stating that the earth was not flat, it has no impact whatsoever on the truth value of what he professed. Ad hominem manifests itself in several ways, including blind credentialism. As it relates to the instant discussion, an example of this might go something like, "You want to know how I'm right? My 82,000 jumps and my half-bazillion certificates and qualifications proves I'm right!" Arguments, statements, and opinions either have merit, or they don't. It matters not at all by whom these ideas were given. For anyone who doubts the above-expressed position, just look through some of the earlier posts in this thread as they are replete with examples of sage advice being given by total newbies as well as examples of "expert" advice that is pretty ridiculous on its face. Relying on advice just because it came from these forums, an instructor at the DZ, or a particular publication is a fool's gambit. Just to be clear, I am not contending that a person's background should be given no creedence at all. In fact, consideration of one's background is a valuable heuristic to employ from an inductive point of view. It does follow that the best advice, more often than not, comes from those with the most experience, training, etc. It's just not always the case nor is it necessarily the case. Assuming the truth of what I've stated so far, it is axiomatic that we should focus almost entirely on what is being said as opposed to who is saying it. Long story short, it is up to the receiver of a given message to discern between gospel and bullshit, not the sender. Newbies should be actively encouraged to try to help others, if for no other reason than to correct them whenever they're mistaken. Same goes for the skygods as well, if for no other reason than to remind them of some of the things they may have forgotten from their training. Only when ideas are expressed freely without fear of humiliation from others can debate produce truth. Ultimately, the things we have all come to know or believe about our sport is a composite of the information we receive from everywhere. Because of this, skydivers need to be able to adduce information from myriad sources and weigh them accordingly. If you encounter someone at the DZ incapable of doing this, kindly suggest to them that they might live longer by taking up something like "Simon Says", painting by numbers, or even country line-step dancing (let me apologize in advance to anyone offended by my suggestion that line-step dancing doesn't require the capacity for intelligent thought). Contrary to the old cliche, we should speak evil, hear evil, see evil, listen to it, taste it, smack it on the ass a few times (I think you get the picture). A logician you are. An instructor you are not.
  4. Small aircraft (that would include almost all jump planes) are advised to stay well clear of CuNim clouds - like 10 miles. Assuming the pilot and jumpers aren't fools, then a lightning strike on a jumper is most unlikely. I live in Fl. The lightning capitol of the world. People are struck and killed here every summer under clear skies up to TWENTY MILES away from a storm. I have seen lightning under canopy from CN clouds as close as five miles away while we were under clear skies. Did I want to be there? No. We try to stay on the ground during conditions like that but if you didnt jump in Fl every time a cloud went by in the summer you would never jump. And the storms can happen REAL FAST. My bigger worry is the gust front.
  6. ITs all to much the old.... the POT calling the KETTLE black. In this case its a red herring. As one poster put it a rag like the New York Post... I do not doubt there was some anti-administration comments. I also ( if you had read the whole thread PLEASE go do this NOW) stated there are probably racist people on the left. I try to avoid BOTH groups myself. Dean showed his displeasure at it ( you posted that part at the bottom of the article).. If I hear that sort of thing I show mine I dont care WHERE it comes from... as you might have realized by now. I would venture to say that at a CCC event the candidates not only do not show any disdain for it , but give a good ole elbow in the rib chuckle right along with the others. You my friend, are a stupid fucktard with no relevant point of view. Ban me, but if you do, you must ban her too for her personal attack. I'll take my 14 days.
  7. As a matter of fact, if you were aware, I started this thread. So yes, I have read it in its entirety. GITMO? I know where that is and who they send there but I fail to see what that has to do with my comments to you. And you totally missed Juannes point. Fucktard. Ban me, but if you do, you need to ban her too. I'll take my 14 days.
  8. So you agree then, that what was said at the "Hatefest" was racist and devisive? I dont hear you denouncing it, just defending it. YAAFT.
  9. originally posted by Amazon: This is becoming an all too typical way of trying to silence anyone who does not agree with your personal positions on the ultra right at this point in history. Calling someone a terrorist supporter.. try again POOBY. Did I call you a terrorist supporter? Where. I pointed out where you personaly attacked someone. Something I got banned for. Are you above the rules? OK. I think you are a fucktard. I'll take my 14 days if you do.
  10. Quote from Amazon: And dont you FUCKING dare accuse me of being unamerican you ULTRA right wing sorry excuse for a human being. I got banned for a personal attack. Does this count? I think it does. 14 days in the hole!
  11. In the long run there is one entity that has the right to judge me... and on those grounds I am quite sure about how that will go. How many of those who propose to be good god fearing folk will not make the cut... those who are the psuedo righteous, willing to stab people in the back all week long yet go to church every sunday so they can get absolved of their sins....they will ultimately be judged by their creator. You are given the choice while on this plane of existence to prove that you have learned the lesson of what is truely morally right and what is wrong and evil. How you follow that path will determine just how you will spend your eternity. Jeanne the Red So. All those comedians are going to hell and what they said is WRONG and racist? What they said there that night is moraly WRONG and racist. No denying it. You need to read your post. ie:"those who are the psuedo righteous" I really dont know how to explain how I feel and I dont type well enough to attempt it. You preach diversity but you spout hate. Sickening.
  12. Why do you say that? The courts seem to think that the whole innocent until proven guilty thing is kind of important, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that pretty much the majority of the people in this country believe in it too. Why should the Miss Savannah pageant be any different? - Jim Everybody seems to get this one wrong. Its not "innocent" until proven guilty, it's "presumed innocent" until proven guilty. Its pretty obvious in this case that she shot him. She will be "presumed innocent" for the purpose of giving her a fair trial. That doesnt mean she is innocent until found guilty.
  13. Hey that's totally OUT OF ORDER!!! know you are to wear your BROWN SHIRT or you are out of uniform young man! .now goose step home and change out of yourleaderhosen. Mach shnell!(&sungalsses at night) Calling other people nazis is automatic loss of argument and credibilty.
  14. DEBORAH ORIN at the New York Post reports on the "no-videos-allowed" Dean fundraiser in New York in HOWARD'S HATEFEST. [Emphasis added.] I have to laugh at that one: "but took the cash and let credit go."
  15. OT but did you hear about Salmon Rushdies new book? Its called: "Buddha, You Fat Fuck." Ladies and gentlemen, back to the original thread.
  16. by happythoughts: "For the people who don't follow recent history. How long did SH have UN sanctions against him. What changes were brought about during them? Zip. Nada." Nevermind SH. I was actually thinking of Cuba. Sanctions work. Ya right.
  17. Ding Ding Ding! We have winner! Diplomacy comes out of the barrel of a gun. The right kind anyway. Not diplomacy as practiced by the left. ie: "We need more dialogue. We need a concensus. We must seek alternate solutions". While actually doing NOTHING! I agree with you on alot of issues, CP, but this is not one of them. War is an ultimatum. It is saying, "Look, if you don't want to do what i want you to, I'm gonna kick you ass!" Sometimes that IS neccessary. And when it is, I support it. But this is not a shoot first and ask questions later world. I'm not saying to back up or back down, but there are compromises that DO have to be made. Granted, compromises made by earlier administrations are WHY wwe are having these problems now. And the gunbarrel diplomacy was useful, now it's time to stop the fighting, BOTH SIDES, and move on. The terrorists that are still in the woodwork need to be dealt with, and dealt with swiftly. Let's get it overwith, though. You missed my point TS. Diplomacy is nothing UNLESS YOU BACK IT UP! No right thinking person wants war and all that it entails. But all the talk in the world will get you nowhere unless you can back it up. Appeasment never works. Sanctions rarely/never do. UN resolutions are worthless. Go in and show you mean business and people stand back and say [keannu]whoa![/keannu] The despots of the world USED to laugh at us UNTIL now. And more blood will have to be shed to deal with the rest of the Tangos but I think a few countries are reconsidering their positions now after seeing what Saddam got. Thats the point. Talk is bullshit. This war is a long way from over but its starting to look better every day. They know we mean business now.
  18. Ding Ding Ding! We have winner! Diplomacy comes out of the barrel of a gun. The right kind anyway. Not diplomacy as practiced by the left. ie: "We need more dialogue. We need a concensus. We must seek alternate solutions". While actually doing NOTHING!
  19. The locals are rising up against the former regime. Time for some payback. Ba'athists Slain in Najaf From the AFP via the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) : Gunmen on a motorcycle opened fire on former Baath official Lamia Abbas al-Chill early on Saturday as he walked his son to school, police Lieutenant Raed Jawad Abdel Sadeh said. The son died instantly and Mr Chill was wounded in the head and chest, Lt Sadeh said. Mr Chill was said to have been a close aide to Ali Abdullah al-Dhalimi, the former regional chief of the deposed Baath party who was beaten and shot dead by an angry crowd near Najaf on Wednesday. Mr Dhalimi was suspected of helping to repress a Shiite insurrection in 1991. Another former Baath party official was killed on Friday evening in a separate attack in Najaf, which lies about 130 kilometres south of Baghdad, Lt Sadeh said. Gunmen killed Ali Qassem al-Tamimi, a former local official under the Baathist regime, and Mohammad Mokhtar Khdayr inside an electric supply store in Najaf, he said. You wont see this stuff on our news. Except the kid getting killed. Unfortunate, yes.
  20. You missed it. Diplomacy DIDNT WORK! His daughters death and the sight of SH being pulled out of a freaking hole did! You guys will never admit that diplomacy is the art of letting the other guy get his way. The peoplw with the weapons make the rules.
  21. "Unfortunately, since our country is a democracy instead of dictatorship, voices other than those of the military have a say in who we elect, what laws we pass and how the country is run. Surely you would not prefer a military dictatorship, in which people outside the ruling military class are silenced?" Its not a democracy. This is a constitutional republic. There IS a difference. In a democracy the majority rules. In a CR, the constitution is supposed to protect the people from a majority of dorks trying to strip away God given rights from a minority of people just because they outnumber them. Hence, the BOR and Constitution and electoral college, tricameral gov etc.. Sorry, its a Constitutional Republic, based on democratic principals where people are allowed to vote and choose their leaders who govern at the pleasure of the people.
  22. Its this stuff that really irks me about the left. Nigger jokes, asian jokes, yess massa jokes, lezzie comments, all OK and funny when said by the left. There isnt a smilie to express my disdain.
  23. So you think the Jose Padilla case, where a US citizen was arrested in Chicago and held incommunicado without trial in a military prison for 18 months, is acceptable behavior for a US administration? Can you name one person who has signed more death warrants than George W. Bush? Can you name one administration that has taken away more rights of US citizens than this one has with the Patriot Act? Dude. We are talking foriegn policy here. Domestic policy is down the hall, first door on the right. But I will address your points. Jose Padilla. Arrested and held under terms of the Patriot Act as interpreted by the DOJ. Court rules against his detention as enemy combatant. System worked. GW Bush, as governor, signs death warrants as sent to him by the court system who have tried the accused by a jury of their peers and found them guilty and sentenced them to death in accordance with law. So the courts send him a lot of murderers sentenced to death. What would you like him to do? Go on vacation? Patriot Act. Ahem, cough, cough. I think it was signed off on by every single Rep and Sen save one or two. Most of them never read it. See point one.