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Gear Reviews posted by McDuck

  1. I bought a brand-new Nitro 135 from Beezy at Dublin '06, and I have to say that I have never been more satisfied with any canopy I've ever flown. Brand-new, this canopy packed like I've never seen a new ZP canopy pack before, easily and with little hassle. The openings are beautiful and on-heading, and I've yet to be yanked out of my pants by it.

    If left alone, meaning flying it with minimal input, it will fly like a much larger, more docile canopy. When you "get on it", however, it can perform like any high-speed elliptical canopy. I'm getting decent straight-in swoops, and with riser input, much longer ones. I love this canopy.

    After one demo jump on this type of canopy, I was prepared to buy one on the spot. And it was a great deal.

    Big thanks you to Beezy Shaw and High Performance Research for this great canopy!

    Kevin S. McDermott