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  1. This deeply saddens me. Barry has always been there. Every meet. Thanks for being there Barry.
  2. We encountered a rig that had been shoe-polished once because the owner really wanted to change the colour. I can't really remember how we concluded it was shoe polish, but he did it with the reserve and main inside. We sent it back to Sunpath and Sunpath declared it un-airworthy. When in doubt send it to the manufacturer, but I'm sure someone will know about Sharpies. Are you sure it's a Sharpie?
  3. I remember seeing someone with 30 jumps who was about to jump a goPro. I asked him how his emergency procedures have changed now that he has a camera. He looked at me dumb-founded and then laughed and asked what I meant. So I asked him what he would do if a line got caught on his camera. He just looked at me amazed. That can happen??!! I told him to take the camera off his helmet and go talk to a videographer before he decides to add new equipment and new tasks to his jumps. I'm glad someone wrote this article. It's been a hot topic of debate at many dzs. Some people, and perhaps we think old-styles, believe that if you want to fly a camera should be able to skydive competently before adding more complication. Others, and maybe it's because of the new thinking and how accessible the sport has become (allowing people who normally wouldn't have learned to skydive) think it's there life and they can do what they want, which is fine - until there's an incident ... and then the recommendations become rules.
  4. I do not agree with the barrel roll plan. I have unfortunately had the experience of tracking away from a shit show and had someone end up tracking underneath me (we were all off level) and they did a barrel roll, and they were soooo focused on doing their barrel roll that they had no clue I was there. When they wove off I pitched immediately and got on my rears to open my sabre1 as fast as possible as I knew I could get it open quickly. When we got to the ground he had no clue whatsoever that I was there. Granted, I shouldn't have been above him, but I found a line and tracked that line and he ended up tracking alongside a friend and then breaking off from that which screwed up all the trajectories. Perhaps he was too busy being a hot shot to notice there were other people on the jump. I don't know. But I do not think barrel rolls help people see anything if they're not willing to actually look.
  5. When I ordered my rig years ago, a few people who had more jumps than I chastised me for not getting a soft reserve handle. I didn't order the low-profile metal handle blindly. I wanted a handle I knew I could get my hand on and pull. The soft handle seemed more difficult to yank out imo. I disagreed with people who said the metal handle was too easy of a snag point. I knew of incidents where people's cutaway handles were pulled in freefall by someone taking a grip. And I know the same for reserve handles. Protecting our handles is a key point on any skydive. I have a soft cutaway handle, but part of me has considered getting the soft loop, but I think in the event of a cutaway, the bulkiness of the pud handle would be easier to find. 'Course, I never had a cutaway - just trying to be prepared should that jump come.
  6. I spoke with USPA and found out I actually was sent a cheque in 2006 (which I never got.) The email was legit. So I just told them to donate it to USPA. It was for a contribution I made to parachutist. Guess the accounts department is doing some house cleaning. Still don't know why the website (which I typed in myself that night) wasn't working for me.
  7. I got a strange email from someone in uspa saying there is an uncashed cheque in my name for $15 from 2006. Then it gives me some options of what to do according to law in Virginia. The problem is, in 2006 I didn't have a uspa membership, nor did I submit anything to uspa that year, I think. I tried to get on the website to see if this person is who they say, but the website isn't working. Anyone know anything?
  8. Well, you've been in the sport for 30 years and have about 300 jumps, and you've only just seen the inside of a container. IMHO you probably shouldn't be putting a rig together so haphazardly. Cheap gear, lack of experience, old gear... seems like a series of bad steps. How much is your life worth? I mean, not that there's probably anything wrong with this gear, just that no sane rigger will enjoy putting their name on it.
  9. crazy. I've never had this happen.
  10. A year ago today buddy. I hope you're flying, or at least telling someone how they should be doing things. As always.
  11. I have a V308 as well. I had a 150 in it for a bit and then went to my 135/126... It rocks! Love it!
  12. Well I understand your rant and your justification to be appalled at how some riggers don't follow your same methods, it is not common practice, but it happens. It seems to me that you're just out to rant and bitch and point fingers. If you really want to out the person for not being super thorough, then just out them. I agree with Rob that data cards should be checked against the panels, but not all riggers are trained the same way, and unfortunately there are some mediocre riggers out there. If you have an idea of what those standards should be with your 50 repacks, then perhaps you are on the wrong side of the job. Give yourself time. When you f-up for your first time I wonder if you'll be so righteous or humble enough to admit you could have done better.
  13. July 11, 2010 at Skydive Burnaby. Final results are (in 2 rounds of each event): 1. Eric Chappel - 352.84 2. John Minos - 351.06 3. Sven Jseppi - 245 4. Randy Wurzburger - 173.08 5. Dillon Holden - 90.62 6. Marc Downing - 65.93
  14. Interesting topic. I would suspect it's happening as it's coming out of the container, so keep an eye on that last stow (as mentioned) and how they're laying the risers in the container. The bag is probably getting jolted at some point when you're releasing the drogue.
  15. In my decade+ of packing I have found ibuprofen is a god-send. I also will put some tape around my wrists (not tight, just supportive) on the days I know I will be going full-out. I find this really helps at the end of the day. Preventative medicine so to speak. But no matter what, there are days when the hands swell. I can wake up in the middle of the night with the claw! Packing puts a lot of strain on your hands and wrists and just like a marathon runner, your muscles will ache. So stretch! Seriously. It helps. Stretch your hands and arms before you start. Use ice on the busy busy busy days, or the cold water dip as previously mentioned. It also helps to get the blood flowing again. Hands are delicate, and there isn't too much you can do to completely avoid the swelling. My two cents.