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  1. livnbored

    Sharpie on container

    We encountered a rig that had been shoe-polished once because the owner really wanted to change the colour. I can't really remember how we concluded it was shoe polish, but he did it with the reserve and main inside. We sent it back to Sunpath and Sunpath declared it un-airworthy. When in doubt send it to the manufacturer, but I'm sure someone will know about Sharpies. Are you sure it's a Sharpie?
  2. livnbored

    Hey Bro, Check Out my Go Pro

    I remember seeing someone with 30 jumps who was about to jump a goPro. I asked him how his emergency procedures have changed now that he has a camera. He looked at me dumb-founded and then laughed and asked what I meant. So I asked him what he would do if a line got caught on his camera. He just looked at me amazed. That can happen??!! I told him to take the camera off his helmet and go talk to a videographer before he decides to add new equipment and new tasks to his jumps. I'm glad someone wrote this article. It's been a hot topic of debate at many dzs. Some people, and perhaps we think old-styles, believe that if you want to fly a camera should be able to skydive competently before adding more complication. Others, and maybe it's because of the new thinking and how accessible the sport has become (allowing people who normally wouldn't have learned to skydive) think it's there life and they can do what they want, which is fine - until there's an incident ... and then the recommendations become rules.