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  1. I was looking into driving up to Rexburg Idaho, or Idaho Falls from Socal. All hotels are sold out. These towns probably have an airport, and maybe let someone pitch a tent there. I remember paying over $100 to jump out of a jet, and would be willing to pay more for a total eclipse skydive. How many people get to do a night jump in the middle of the day?
  2. Funny that you brought up the packers at Perris. I used them for a year 17 years ago. They were very demeaning to me and made me feel like they were doing me a favor by packing for me. And its now a different crew of people packing now. I figure I've saved close to $20,000 by packing for myself over the years but I love the friendships I've made there.
  3. That Wingsuit (or what's left of it) belongs in the Base Jumpers Museum
  4. What a great DZO you were. And what a great last day. Free jumps for everyone, followed by a free dinner and drinks. I doubt any other DZO would do that. Thank you Rich for all the good times.
  5. Which goggle frame do they plan on using? The ones I tried on in a ski shop would seem to leak. When I tried on yours, they seem to have a much better fit. Which lens are they using, and are they using a double lens? ( couldn't find this info on their website) Seems like a great product
  6. A fond memory of Chris. Andy used to have a dropzone in Holtville, and Chris knew I was going to Glamis to ride dirt bikes in the dunes. Chris organized a jump into Glamis. We were in a Caravan and after everyone got out at Holtville but Chris Stasky, Chris O. and myself, we flew over to Glamis and did a 3 way wingsuit jump into Glamis. (The same suit Chuck Blue just bought.) Goodbye Chris
  7. I'm driving out from Carlsbad Ca. Friday morning, if anyone needs a ride. (one way)
  8. I sure like coming up there and flying with you guys. What about a 200 wingsuit minimum to fly there?
  9. My flight arrives SJU 9;30 PM FEB 13. I was either gonna stay a nite near the airport, rent a car in the am, and drive out, 'or get a car that nite and drive out. Are there any accomodations less than $100 a nite near the boogie? If anyone needs a ride let me know.