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  1. Got a call and email from a guy who is gathering photos and stories about the Skydiving history at Lakewood NJ airport. Please share your memories with him at this email address... [email protected] I spoke with him for about half hour... lots of fun memories gurgled to the surface... I'm sure many of you have great memories too. Lee Guilfoyle, Bill Hammel, Dennis Cicetti, Rich Piccarilli, Howard Sears, George Applegate, Bobby Freit, Curt Curtis, and tons of others
  2. Actually I made the LAST skydive at Lakewood Airport... with an unnamed accomplice... (RP) We made a bandit jump in 1998. It was a hoot. The airport manager had a S fit... threatened to call the FAA etc etc... We landed in the small landing area near the parking lot.
  3. Pete jumpmastered me at Lakewood starting in 67. When I became a jumpmaster we frequently shared a room at Barney Millers rooming house in Lakewood... we split the $5.00 per night cost... saved a fortune! Pete was one of the good guys. I'd been looking for him through the Herd folks for some time, and nobody knew about his whereabouts. RIP Pete
  4. I was on his cutaway jump at stormville. The stuff of legends. Good guy. Him!
  5. Believe it was related to a plane failing to take off. Fly baby fly! RIP Ray. A true piece of work.Quote
  6. I'll never forget walking in from the landing area with Burt and JP after completing a 100 way. We were all full of ourselves about it. Burt said to JP "Not bad for 98 white guys.' Blue skies Burt.... keep smiling.
  7. I knew George Sharp... Real good guy... he started jumping in his fifties, i think... He died about 25 years ago.