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  2. 321, checkin' in, Space! Messaged you on Skype. Celebrate life, ever, SkyJulia ~visualize...realize~
  3. So sorry for your loss. May Carlos be flying free eternally. Celebrate life. SkyJulia A16070
  4. My sympathies to Pat's fabulous family. I met him through Deanna Kent and Pat always had something witty, curious, funny, interesting, hopeful and intriguing to share. Though I n'er got to skydive with Pat, he showed me a whole lot about the sport and photography. For him and his exuberant zest for life and the joy he exuded in sharing it, I am ever appreciative. Best wishes to Pat's family. A life well lived, the dash is infinity for Pat. Celebrate life. SkyJulia A16070
  5. Angel Flight is the best! I coordinated with them during Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. We flew over 150 planes loaded with supplies to several Gulf Coast cities. From all the pilots, many of whom are physicians, I heard heartwarming stories of the other medical missions they fly - where they take patients to get the care they need. I highly recommend you contact Angel Flight. Best wishes. Celebrate life. SkyJulia
  6. Grimmie - I have friends in OH who served on capital punishment cases and they are still haunted by participating. They felt pressured to make their votes mean death. I have also arranged for Sr. Helen Prejean as a panel guest at a university for which I served as Exec. Asst. to the President. It was nearly impossible for me to find anyone, prosecutor, family member of a murdered innocent or other capital punishment advocate to take to the table with Helen. I don't believe the states do want to carry it out. I am proud to be a consistent ethic of life person. Life is precious. Respect it. Julia, A16070
  7. Fly free, Wes. You are so much appreciated. Celebrate life with peace, light, love and hope, ever, Julia
  8. SkyDave! That was our secret! Bird _really_ enjoyed visiting with you that evening, as you were a freefly formation record holder as well as plying us with drinks. ;) Yes to all, Papa Bird is The Legend. You can email him at I trust he would enjoy hearing from you. Even better, give him a call, he's in the book in Dade City, FL. Celebrate life, with peace, light, love and hope, ever, Julia Margarita there used to be a display in the Smithsonian! Not sure it is still up. About 2 years ago Jerry came into the bar I was working in Atlanta. Surprised the shit out of me. Of all the skydivers that have come in, he is one I never expected! You are never going to know what you get with Jerry. We started talking about the jumps and good times we had in So. Fla and he remembered more of the jumps and jumpers than I did!! Came in with Julia and I fed them drinks until we closed. I think they hated me the next day. haha I look forward to the next time our paths cross. Dave
  9. Sawadee ka, Eli, Eternal Spirit. Prayers for Sarah and your family. I am stunned and in tears of gratitude for knowing you, mixed with tears of loss for how much you will be missed by so many. Kop kun ka, aajaan, phuan sanit. Fly free, eternally. Julia Margarita
  10. Wow. Rita, so long ago we met on rec.skydiving. My you soar with abundant blessings in eternal flight, girl. You deserve it. You always offered a pure heart. Wow. God bless you.
  11. Fly free Herb. For friends and family, since Herb is an organ donor, look for him in the people you meet in the future. ;-) Eternal blue skies.
  12. Take a look at Don Beck's: Spiral Dynamics - Mastering Values, Leadership & Change . ;-) Best, Julia
  13. McCain-Obama advisors to debate on education In case you can't get enough of political debates, the education advisers to the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates will debate education issues on October 21 at Teachers College of Columbia University in a matchup sponsored by EDUCATION WEEK, which will also webcast the event. Senator Obama will be represented by Linda Darling-Hammond, a professor of education at Stanford University, and Senator McCain by Lisa Graham Keegan, a former Arizona superintendent of public instruction. The moderator will be Susan Fuhrman, Teachers College president. The debate, which begins at 4 p.m. PDT, will be webcast by Education Week ; Since the candidates have been virtually silent on education, you may want to tune in. Julia M. Murphy A16070
  14. Re pitching to the Paralympics . . . The 1996 Paralympic Opening Ceremony in Atlanta, Georgia featured, in the opening act, the US Army Golden Knights, in a live, worldwide broadcast freefall and accuracy jump into the field where 5,000 children awaited their landing. Norman Kent and Gus Wing were the official freefall photographers who joined with Col. Danny, Greene, Black Team leader, Sgt. Ken Brown of the Golden Knights, and the GK Black Team to illustrate in a reunion skydive of double amputee GK SFC Dana Bowman, before Juan Antonio Samaranch, 70K people in the stadium and millions of viewers worldwide, (even in the US since CBS carried the OC that year), that we can triumph over tragedy. Parachutist has an article sometime in 1996 about the accomplishment; it was also carried by the FAI magazine, one in Russia and one in Namibia. ABC, CBS, NBC and BBC reported fairly extensively on the pursuit and accomplishment of the dream. The pursuit included the support and guidance of Bill Booth, who donated his expertise, time and presence as an advisor in Atlanta when several Paralympians, even then competing world class athletes like gold medalist, world record setting, wheelchair racer, Scot Hollenbeck, made tandem skydives to show that they could rise above misconceptions, misperceptions. It was a spectacular moment in time that people in Atlanta, especially at the Shepherd Spine Center, still talk about. O, after the jump was completed, those 5K children broke out in singing a rockin' version of O, Happy Day! Nothing is impossible. With the right resources, teamwork, faith, and determination, the sky is NOT the limit! I do encourage you to find your way in and pitch it to London 2012 but be sure to contact the GK for their story so you'll know the history. Good luck! Its not about disability, its about ability. Julia Murphy 1996 Paralympic Opening Ceremony Skydiving Coordinator 1996 Centennial Olympic Games Employee